Loeffler Calls on Trump To Appoint Special Counsel

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Senator Kelly Loeffler, who’s involved in a tight Senate race in Georgia, called on President Trump’s Justice Department to appoint a Special Counsel to look into the ongoing money laundering, tax fraud, and corruption investigation into Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden has dismissed suggestions his son did anything wrong, even laughing at and scolding reporters for asking questions about him.

He has dismissed reports of Biden family corruption as “Russian Disinformation.” Whenever a story is reported that makes the left look corrupt, their mainstream media lackeys blame Russia.

Attorney General Bill Barr previously dismissed the notion of appointing a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter, but Barr has since resigned from the DOJ. Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen is reportedly more open to suggestions a Special Counsel is needed to oversee the investigation.

Emails show that Joe Biden was provided advice from the US ambassador to the Ukraine; the advice was to dismiss Hunter’s involvement with Burisma.

Loeffler is involved in a critical Senate race in Georgia. She is running against a radical left-wing minister known for his support for anti-American pastors and politicians. As previously reported Warnock, Loeffler’s opponent, voiced support for Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor and an anti-American bigot. He has also given Fidel Castro a platform. This is a critical race.

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