Proof That Biden and Democrats Represent the Rich and Elite

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I was doing research on how many counties each presidential candidate won in 2016 and 2020. What I found was both shocking and very revealing.

The Data

I came across the below chart in a Brookings Institute column by Mark MuroEli Byerly DukeYang You, and Robert Maxim titled Biden-voting counties equal 70% of America’s economy. What does this mean for the nation’s political-economic divide?

Here’s the Brooking Institute chart:


YearCandidateCounties wonTotal votesAggregate share of US GDP
2016Hillary Clinton47265,853,62564%
Donald Trump2,58462,985,10636%
2020Joe Biden47775,602,45870%
Donald Trump2,49771,216,70929%

Note: 2020 figures reflect unofficial results from 96% of counties

As Mark MuroEli Byerly DukeYang You, and Robert Maxim from the Brookings Institute note:

Biden’s winning base in 477 counties encompasses fully 70% of America’s economic activity, while Trump’s losing base of 2,497 counties represents just 29% of the economy. [See the Brookings chart here]

[ … ]

In short, 2020’s map continues to reflect a striking split between the large, dense, metropolitan counties that voted Democratic and the mostly exurban, small-town, or rural counties that voted Republican.  Blue and red America reflect two very different economies: one oriented to diverse, often college-educated workers in professional and digital services occupations, and the other whiter, less-educated, and more dependent on “traditional” industries.

Who do Democrats and Republicans really represent?

What struck me are two facts:

  1. Hillary, Biden and Democrats are supported by the rich and powerful.
  2. Trump and Republicans are supported by the working middle and lower class.

Another thing struck me. The numbers provided by the Brookings Institute, given the number of counties that voted for Biden,  supports the idea that only 472 counties provided an overwhelming number of votes. As a matter of fact nearly 10 million more than in 2016!

These numbers support the election fraud argument. Many are questioning how did Biden gain nearly 10 million votes over Hillary by hiding in his basement?

While Democrats say they represent the ordinary American this data throws that idea out of the proverbial window. It’s statically proven to be a big lie. Democrats mantra is to tax the rich, when in fact it’s the rich who put them into office. Another big lie. You don’t bite the hand that feeds your PAC.

On the other hand it proves that the base of the MAGA movement is truly founded upon the working class, especially those who are not rich and famous.

Democrats are controlled by those who control 70% of America’s economic activity. This wealth and power comes from places like Los Angles, CA, New York, New York, Cook County, IL, Harris, TX and Santa Clara, CA. [See chart here]

Republicans are supported by many many economically smaller counties. [See chart here]

Why do Democrats support lockdowns?

Now we understand why Biden and the Democrats are pushing lockdowns. The intent is to punish small business owners and the working class who have supported President Trump. Covid has become the Democrats weapon of choice used to destroy the working class! Lockdowns harm most of all those who work in “traditional” industries like hospitality (hotels, motels) restaurants, SalonSpaBoutiques,  small family owned businesses, construction, services companies (e.g. plumbing HI-VAC, electrical, etc.) and manufacturing and factories.

Who benefits from lockdowns? Who benefits from small businesses shutting down and going bankrupt? Why big corporations and the rich companies like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Big Tech and, of course, Communist China. When small businesses close and factories move off shore China wins!

Does this all now make sense to you?


President Trump is fighting for ordinary Americans. Those who work for a living.

President Trump is fighting not only the media and the Democrats but also the rich and powerful.

Biden and the Democrats are absolutely dependent upon the largesse of the rich and powerful and those who vote for a living, i.e. the swamp.

This piece originally appeared at and is reprinted with permission. ©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Guest author for NRN.

  1. Charles Casaburi November 29, 2020 at 1:01 am

    In a way it’s good that trump is gone. No trump supporters could support higher taxes on the rich because trump was rich himself. Glen beck traced the funding of antifa & BLM to over 70 billionaires ( no it’s not just Soros) . Of course the Democrat Party is the American communist party. How do I know because the communist party didn’t run a presidential candidate for the past several cycles supporting the democrats because their policies are identical. Why would the rich be communists? Hugo Chavez died a billionaire his daughter has a 3 billion $ net worth. The rich want communism because it’s in their interests. If the rich love communism make them pay for it . Tax the hell out of the rich.

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