Dominion, Smartmatic, and Syctl: Foreign Influence in America’s Elections

Foreign Influence in the 2020 General Election

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Was there foreign influence in the 2020 General Election? As the election fraud investigation and litigation continues, speculation surrounding these three companies, Dominion, Scytl, and Smartmatic has led to many theories. It is increasingly difficult to find the correct information for several reasons. Firstly, these companies historically have been very secretive and cryptic with insight into their ownership. To make things more complicated, these companies have partnered with, sold, and acquired other companies who, at times, have changed their names.

To make matters worse, as Americans started scouring the internet for more information, these companies began “scrubbing” details that were once listed online. However, as good internet sleuths do, most of this information was preserved on archiving websites. The more important observation here is that these companies raced to delete any connection with each other, the problem is there was already too much evidence of their connections.

As noted in previous articles by New Right Network, Dominion is a Canadian based company with US headquarters located in Denver, Colorado. However, it is important to note the history of these other companies as well. These companies are interconnected through name changes, acquisitions, shell companies, and holding companies. It is troubling that transparency into their ownership and financial backing is not clear. What is even more troubling is that they all appear to have foreign ties.

Syctl Located in Barcelona, Spain

Syctl is a Barcelona based company that provides many election products all over the world, including the United States. Syctl says it is a “leader in digital voting and electoral modernization.” Syctl was formed in 2001 and recently filed bankruptcy in 2020, but was acquired by a company called “Service Point Solutions” which is part of the “Paragon Group.” It is not initially clear who the “Paragon Group” is, where they are located, or who owns them. A search for this leads to multiple different companies, none of them with a clear tie to either Scytl or Service Point Solutions.

In 2012 Syctl acquired a company called SOE Software.  SOE is run out of Tampa, Florida. SOE Software Corp was founded in 2002 by Mark Schneider. Initially, claims of Syctl being connected to Dominion were refuted. However, New Right Network was able to find a “request for information” prepared exclusively for “the state of Colorado” which was presented by Michael Greenman. According to his Linked in Profile, Michael Greenman was a Regional Manager for Dominion Voting Systems until 2018. Not a smoking gun on its own, but it does add to the web of secrecy and confusion surrounding these companies.

Smartmatic Corp located in the UK

Smartmatic has been specifically mentioned by President Trump’s personal attorney and former mayor of New York, Rudy Guliani. Smartmatic was formed by three engineers while working in Caracas, Venezuela- Antonio Mugica, Alfredo José Anzola, and Roger Piñate. The company officially incorporated in Delaware in April of 2011 with its headquarters located in Boca Raton, FL.

In 2004, Smartmatic acquired Sequoia Voting Systems from De La Rue, a British printing company that prints banknotes and tax stamps, among other things. However, Sequoia was sold in 2010 to Dominion Voting Systems. Sequoia Voting Systems has had its own share of controversies including an investigation by Dan Rather for “deliberately supplying poor-quality punch-card ballots to Palm County Beach, Florida for the 2000 election” that resulted in a hanging chad.

In 2014, the CEO of Smartmatic Antonio Mugica and Lord Mark Malloch-Brown announced a partnership and the formation of SGO Corporation Limited. SGO claims to be “an investor group that finds and funds innovative companies that demonstrate long-term promise in areas that enhance lives.” They list four main categories on their website that they focus on- democracy and citizen participation, governance, identity and privacy, and climate and clean air. Lord Mallach-Brown also has ties to George Soros. Mallach-Brown is the Vice-chairman of George Soros’s Investment Funds, as well as his Open Society Institute, and a Vice‐President at the World Bank.

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In addition, Smartmatic has denied any ties to Dominion Voting Systems, but in a 2015 interview about Smartmatic’s role in the Philippines elections, Malloch-Brown admits to a licensing agreement with Dominion.

Foreign Influence in America’s Elections

Although the 2020 election is hotly contested, this is not the first time the concern of foreign influence in our elections has been in question. Most recently, the Democrats claimed that Russia was involved in the 2016 election and tried for three years to connect President Trump to Russian collusion. Questions regarding the safety of our electronic voting machines, ties to Venezuela, and more have been in question long before this election. The more important question here is- why was nothing done about these concerns? After millions of taxpayer dollars were spent on investigations and 24/7 coverage by the mainstream media on the Russian collusion allegations, one would assume that the security and integrity of our elections would be a high priority, no matter who was on the ballot.

As we established above, all of these voting systems in question have ties to foreign countries. Syctl is a Spain owned company, Smartmatic has ties to Venezuela and the UK, and Dominion is a Canadian based company. Moreover, there are recent concerns that our election tabulation is being completed on and stored in a server overseas. While these claims are not yet verified, it is cause for investigation and concern.

As we reported recently, Scorecard is a CIA developed software that changes the tabulation of voting in the data transfer stage of electronic tabulation reporting. The “glitches” that were seen during vote tabulation updates on live television Election Night could have been this software, or other software manipulation, in real-time.

Sidney Powell, attorney to General Flynn and part of President Trump’s legal team, said recently on Lou Dobb’s that they have a sworn affidavit from a “high ranking military official” that has first-hand knowledge of Smartmatic. He says he was present when Smartmatic was designed “in a way that the system could change the vote of each voter without being detected.” He also alleges that “Smartmatic agreed to create such a system and produced the software and hardware that accomplished the result for President Chavez.”

CEO Mugica of Smartmatic is on record confirming manipulation by Venezuela using their machines in 2017. Mugica goes on to say that there must be “people auditing the system and watching for that evidence.” He states that during this election with confirmed manipulation there “were no auditors from the opposition party… it is important to point out that this would not have occurred if the auditors of all political parties had been present.”

This sounds much like what we are hearing today in the 2020 US Elections. Observers from the Republican party were forced out and ballots were tabulated in secret. It should be of concern to everyone that not only are we using the same software and hardware but we are also witnessing the same troubling behavior right here in this country.

Election Integrity and National Security

Given all that we know with these voting systems and software, it is more important now than ever to take a hard look at our election integrity. Technology has made it more possible to breach security than ever before. Software with “backdoors” designed to allow voter tabulation manipulation is just the tip of the iceberg. Our national security is also at risk.

In 2014, the CIA made a sweetheart deal with Amazon to use commercial cloud computing for its operations. Ironically, the deal was first outlined by former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper. Clapper was also named by whistleblower Dennis Montgomery in the whistleblower tapes that outlined 47 hard drives of information on the commandeering of the Hammer software. Hammer and Scorecard are used together to manipulate votes.

The CIA using commercial cloud computing through Amazon Web Services is a “radical departure” from its normal mode of operation. What is even more troubling is that the AWS pod networking uses parts built in other countries, namely China. In 2016 Bloomberg Business reported that Amazon “quietly began [an] evaluation a start-up company called Elemental Technologies… that fit nicely with Amazon’s government businesses, such as the highly secure cloud that Amazon Web Services (AWS) was building for the CIA.”

However, it was discovered that there was a tiny microchip, no bigger than a grain of rice nestled on the motherboard of the new technology. Bloomberg reported that “Elemental’s servers could be found in Department of Defense data centers, the CIA’s drone operations, and the onboard networks of Navy warships.” It was also reported that “investigators determined that the chips allowed the attackers to create a stealth doorway into any network that included the altered machines.” These hardware hacks were inserted in factories run by manufacturing subcontractors in China.

These hardware attacks are about access. As reported, “The implant was placed on the board in a way that allowed it to effectively edit this information queue, injecting its own code or altering the order of the instructions the CPU was meant to follow.” What could this mean for our National Security? With technology now at the forefront of our most secret operations, is it worth asking the questions about being compromised?

More importantly, our intelligence agencies have been aware of all of these facts. They have been made aware of the security concerns regarding our elections. Why has it been allowed to progress to the point that confidence in our technology is no longer warranted? Moreover, why are journalists not asking these questions?

Alexandra Brinkley
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