Review: Doom On You Card Game

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Number of Players: 2-6

Time: 30-60 minutes

Age: 8+

Game Type: Point Collection/Battle

Gamer Type: Casual

Complexity: 4

What is the world going to be like after we are gone? I mean after humans are gone. Will it be a paradise where every other animal can frolic everyday, or, more likely, it will be a hellscape where only the fit survive as they battle for the limited shreds of food left. If you take out the barren hellscape part, this is where “Doom on You” comes in. In this game, you play as the leader of a group of animals just trying to collect enough food to survive.


The world has ended. But rather than a dystopian battle of humans fighting for the scraps of humanity, OK 2 Win has built a game around the concept that animals are going to be fighting. The game employs a “fun” version of the post-apocalyptic narrative, as the animals in the game have special powers that allow you to battle and steal food from your opponents. Never before has Armageddon been so fun with the tongue in cheek comedy of this game. 8 of 10.

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If you love polygonal art, this is the game for you. This game has the classic N64 polygonal feel, but in a card game. The cards are well drawn and relate to the game mechanics they are involved with. It is really a win win. The box is a little larger than standard small box, which means that it stands out great on the shelf but is hard to stack. Overall, the game has good artwork that draws players into the game. 6 of 10.


The mechanics of this game are simple: attach, draw resolve the attacks. The attack round in this game is a battle royal, which can be a little confusing as it resolves. But the confusion is based more on which player resolves first than actual confusion about the play. Beyond the standard “attack” and “defense,” the cards have text which dictates the success or failure of your animal pile (read: army). This is a strong, simple attack game that can bring people into the genre. 5 of 10.


This game is all about attack and defense. Since the animals are drawn at random, there is limited ability to build an engine or start a rush game. This means you are going to commit to attack or defense based on your cards. The “Doom” cards can throw a wrench into the mix, but mostly you are battling based on the cards. This really tests your ability to read the table and thus earns a solid 6 out of 10 for strategy.

Cool Factor

Animal games are cool. Dystopian games are cool. Dystopian animal games? Definitely cool. This is a very novel game which brings out some of the cool elements of fantasy into a new genre, which gives it strong features. The mechanics are classic battle card mechanics, which make it easy for a player to pick up. Overall, this earns “Doom on You” a 7 out of 10 for novelty.

Overall Score (Keep Reading, There Are Two Expansions)

With a score of 32, this game is very solid. It has enough novelty to make it a fun new game, but it also has enough of what we expect in a battle card game to make it easily playable by people purchasing the game. The jokes are funny for parties, which helps bring new people into the hobby. So if you like animals and the end of the world, this game is for you.

Rain Forest Expansion

The rain forest expansion brings three new animals to the game and two new doom cards. One of the doom cards is fairly standard (it takes one of your animals); however, the other is a super doom card – I will leave some suspense but it ruins everyone’s day! The other interesting mechanics this expansion brings are block and bounce cards. Block cards block a special card, while bounce cards let you shift the doom away from you. This makes this a fun expansion to spice up the game.

Safari Expansion

This expansion comes in with big animals and big moves. With two new doom cars (alas, no super doom), there is a change in the environment. There are also two special cards: save, which saves an animal and steal (which steals an animal). The big animals are not as exciting as you would think they would be, but the rhino is pretty cool. If you can afford both expansions, you should get them. However, if you can only afford one, the rainforest expansion is the way to go.

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