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Trump’s Secondhand Man

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Pence is the pointman for the Trump Administration. Mike Pence has been a loyal confidant and stalwart enthusiast to President Trump and his administrative policies from the get-go of his embattled presidency. Pence is proving to be an effective spokesman for the administration and a secret weapon on the campaign trail making a valid case for a second term of the Trump * Pence ticket this November.

Pence actually stepped on stage at his scheduled 4:00 pm start time. He was greeted by an excitedly cheering audience eager to welcome a second term on Inauguration Day in January 2021. The Vice President is a grade A speaker and delivered an award-winning address that represented solid content and several specifics as to why President Trump deserved a renewed presidency. Pence encouraged the crowd to join him on the campaign, “Let’s go get it done.” Pence then proceeded to shake hands with supporters in the audience.

President Trump and members of his family, Vice President Pence and his wife, and selected guest surrogate political speakers are out on the contentious campaign trail speaking at outdoor events to combat contracting the Wuhan virus in promoting the successes of the Trump * Pence Administration and its bid for a second term. Trump supporters appear to split between those who wear masks and those who eschew wearing facial protection.

One unanticipated campaign bonus was the surprise pleasure of watching a live feed of President Trump on a compact video screen speaking outdoors on an airport tarmac at Prescott, NV. Trump was animated and humorous enticing the assembled waiting on Vice President Pence to appear inside the airport hangar. Supporters burst into spontaneous chants as the President was engaging his live audience.

Pennsylvanians turn out in support of Pence

Steve Mowery, 60 from Penn’s Creek, felt Pence did very well during the debate and did a smash-up job explaining the importance of voting and reasons why on the dais. Mowery said Pence should do well in 2024 as other Republicans seeking the GOP nomination. He liked that Pence promoted values and demonstrated his solid support for President Trump and traditional Americanism.

Dylan Morris, 18 from York, will be a first-time voter once he registers to vote later after the Pence Rally. Morris backs the Blue, the Second Amendment, our military forces, and keeping the tax cuts in effect. In regards to President Trump he said, “I’m hoping we can make it another four. In my humble opinion, I think Trump handled the corona pandemic very well.” Morris also remarked, “We need Pence again in 2024.”

John Tallman, 71 from Dauphin, commented his thoughts on the Vice Presidential debate, “Pence did an excellent job. He made a measured, careful response under assault”. Tallman reflected upon the impending election, “It’s a choice between the America I grew up in and am proud of verses a gigantic swing opposite to what I believe in for America.” He further stated, “Pence has two family members serving in the U.S. military. I am doing what I can to get people to register to vote.”

Miranda Viehman, 23 from Mechanicsburg, thought, “Pence did a good job and his responses were well done”, during his debate opposing Harris. She was satisfied with Pence’s speech complimenting our military and his position encouraging small businesses during this trying time. Viehman believes, “Pence would be great for 2024.” She revealed her grandpa got her registered to vote since she turned 18 years of age.

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Asians demonstrate their support for President Trump

As this dreadful 2020 election season plagued by the pandemic hysteria begins to wind down, one group of people were noticeable at this Pence Rally in New Cumberland: Asians. Both Japanese citizens and Korean citizens had turned out in force to validate their overwhelming support for President Donald Trump. Their numbers were visible among the capacity crowd.

These enthusiastic Asians booked flights to participate at campaign rallies and travel among the states to attend as many Keep America Great events as they can during their extended stay in the USA. Asians were Trump brand decorated wearing Trump hats, tee shirts, masks, and waving various signs during Pence’s impressive speech.

One common motivation for these Asians in attendance is that they are all anti-communists. These foreigners are rallying behind President Trump because of his pressing an activist economic agenda to challenge the red communist Chinese government, the malevolent North Korean regime, and for his proclaiming that the USA will never submit or transition into the economic devastation of socialism or communism.

Many of these Asians belong to the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church. There is a local chapter based in Pennsylvania. Members were distributing leaflets and brandishing a large banner wildly extolling their support of President Trump. Following the rally, they held up their banner as people exited the hangar and then stood outside the facility at the entrance displaying their banner and waving Trump yard signs to the honking horns of passing traffic.

Akihiro Fukuda, 20 from Nagasaki, flew in from Japan as one of four travelling companions with a mission to promote President Trump’s reelection campaign. He is an active member of the Sanctuary Church who are avid anti-communists and passionate supporters of the Second Amendment. Fukuda announced, “I hope Trump wins.” His travelling party will remain in the USA through the remaining days of this contested election.

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