NRN+ Reader’s Club Book Review: They’re Not Listening

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The media, the establishment, the pundits – essentially the powers that be – are not listening to the people, not noticing the trends. The globalists are losing influence and power – and not just in the United States, but across the board around the world. The strategy by the globalists is creating an environment that leads to instability and a counter strategy emerges. This is the theme of Ryan Girdusky’s book “They’re Not Listening: How the Elites Created the National Populist Revolution.” 

Throughout the novel Ryan James Girdusky and Harlan Hill time and time again show how the global establishment has attempted to grab more and more power and instead has fueled nationalism. The pattern is seen regardless of the country’s geographic position, religious background, or cultural background. They explore the most obvious examples.

In the US, they look at the shift away from Bush/Obama globalism and how Donald Trump rose to power on a nationalism platform. It is invariably linked to Nigel Farage, Marie Le Pen, and Tony Abbott, who were all able to gain control within the UK, France, and Australia, by highlighting how their borders were virtually out of their control. Trump’s rise was not a US- created scenario, but rather a display that’s replayed itself around the globe in recent years.

The Influence of Global Elites

The media and global elites have fed this cycle. They have made citizens feel like their borders were not being respected. The media-fed news cycles with stories to support conflicts in Algeria, Syria, and Central America to create a global refugee crisis which has bled into Europe and the US. The book analyzes how these movements have been created, but also how there are factions of elites who have infiltrated these movements in an effort to stop them, with both success and failures.

The globalists have pushed radical changes to tax codes, laws, and culture, which have brought many groups to oppose one another that generally do not. Cities have radically changed and are changing, being told that their long held traditions and cultural norms are to be abandoned. In Europe, cities like Birmingham, London, and Munich have been flooded with new cultures, religions, and races. The cultural class has caused conflict and that bears its fruit at the ballot box. No different than here in the US, where Northern Virginia and Hazelton, PA, have had major cultural shifts from immigration. The sudden shift has caused hostile reactions compared to other communities like those in Michigan that have long invited seasonal workers from Central America. 

The strongest asset for “They’re Not Listening” is the research put into it. Every page has a string of footnotes at the bottom. It cites news articles, books, studies, and speeches. The book is responsibly put together and makes other, more liberal books on the same subject seem haphazard. This book will no doubt be relevant in the coming years as a reference guide to how we got into this political environment and aid in how to get out or react to new challenges.

M.T. Arthur
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