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New Right Network (NRN) announces content syndication to OpsLens mobile app and other OpsLens properties, with the goal to carry the well-informed patriotic movement into the future. Watch NRN highlights on the OpsLens mobile app. Download the OpsLens mobile app for Android and iPhone at The syndication involves streaming video content on multiple OpsLens properties: mobile app, Roku, AppleTV, and live TV channel, Facebook page of 832K followers, and Periscope

OpsLens Network, founded in 2016, provides print and video commentary on the world’s most trending and critical stories related to national security, public policy, international affairs, law enforcement and diplomacy. OpsLens content has appeared on CRTV, BlazeTV, and OANN. All opinion driven commentary is filtered through the “Lens of Operational Experience,” aka, OpsLens. Our contributors are former intelligence, law enforcement, and military operators who have “been there and done that”; most having life times of service deployed supporting the interests of the United States.

Additionally, OpsLens uses their “Filter of Experience” to sift through the endless information streams available in today’s social media driven environments to deliver content most people do not have the time or patience to find.  We spent our lives doing this for key decision makers within the US government and now, given these trying times, feel compelled to do it for our fellow patriots. The founder and CEO of OpsLens, Ron Hammond, stated, “We are excited about the partnership with NRN to jointly deliver content that people will find not only informative but useful in assisting in critical decisions being made by each of us to insure the liberties outlined to us through the US Constitution.” 

Enjoy a wider syndication of NRN content by downloading the OpsLens app for Android and AppleTV/iPhone, both links are available on their website at; and add the OpsLens Roku app to your smartTV.

NRN has always made a great effort to recruit real American patriot writers and columnists at the website. Many of their writers have never been published online. Their desire to write and express themselves with NRN served to counter online censorship of conservatives. This same spirit came with the inception of NRN+, their subscription service, where they mentor everyday individuals and experienced reporters to broadcast their lives and values of faith, family, and freedom. Their collective mission is to represent the ideas which are important to them in the current societal, cultural, and political climate on the online marketplace of ideas.

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