Oh the Humanity! Hypocrisy of PA House Democrats

Infected (R) Member Self Quarantines

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Everyone keeps saying that we cannot judge the COVID situation in hindsight, because it is unfair to the people who made the decisions based on limited information. We now have the ability to see the whole situation. By everyone, I mean the politicians who made bad decisions during the course of the crisis. This was because they were more interested in getting screen time than helping people in their constituency.

Teapot Dictators like Andrew Como, Gretchen Witmer, Tom Wolf and Gavin Newstrom have misstep after misstep and mistake after mistake. We are told we cannot judge them because it is in hindsight. That is ridiculous!
Every judgment we make is in hindsight. That is the way that judgments work.

The reason that this claim that we should not judge is even more ridiculous is that they had better information than anyone else when they were making decisions. Placing their entire state under house arrest, in violation of constitutional standards? Yeah, they knew that that was problematic. Placing COVID-infected patients in nursing homes with the most vulnerable population imaginable, they either knew or should have known the danger.

Known that it would result in the deaths of thousands of people, which is why Dr. Levine removed his/her mother from the nursing home before infected people were sent there. Telling people that masks do not work while stockpiling masks, yeah I think even the dumbest politicians know that is lying. Judge away people, and do it through the ballot box. With all the hypocrisy of political discourse now, it is hard to find something that moves below the low bar that politicians (both Republicans and Democrats) have set.

More Examples of Hypocrisy

Perennial embarrassment to the state, Brian Sims (D) Philadelphia managed to drop below that bar. In a tear-filled webcast, Sims acted like Andrew Lewis, (R Dauphin), not telling Sims that he tested positive was a death sentence. Lewis for his part did exactly what the government was telling every single citizen of the state to do, self-quarantine and follow doctors’ orders.
Sims, the simpleton who is famous for flipping off children and old women who are praying, acted like lack of access to someone’s private information was a personal attack against his health.

Forty-two days have passed since we identified the first COVID-19 case in Pennsylvania and began our aggressive mitigation efforts.

Gov. Tom Wolfe, (D – PA)

It is almost laughable, if it was not so tragic. That the buffoon of the Pennsylvania Democratic party (Sims) supported Gov Wolf even as he, wait for it…placed COVID-infected patients in confined spaces. Without telling the possible victims of course!. The only difference is that Rep. Lewis had the common decency and respect for life to self-quarantine. Sims’ actions just show how far gone the political system in Harrisburg has become.

A person who supports free drugs for addicts (and shipping them out of his district) but not free insulin. He’s for Chemo for cancer patients (unless they sell their soul to socialized health care). but tears up when he may have been possibly exposed to a disease that has a less than 1% chance of killing a healthy middle-aged man. Did he shed a tear for the thousands of elderly patients that died because of “unintentionally” being infected by Gov Wolf and Dr. Levine’s poorly thought out plan?

What about the thousands of aborted children he thinks it is funny to laugh at? Do not worry Mr. Sims, if you pass from COVID, which I hope you do not, we will report it as a “very late-term abortion” . I’m sure it will make you feel better. It does me already!

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Ada Nestor
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