The Mainstream Media’s Bias Is Now Deadly

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Before Just a Sad Political Fact

In the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, mainstream media continues to spend time crafting gotcha questions in an effort to attack President Trump. Instead of their job, reporting sometimes critical information that protects the American people. In times like these, bias is no longer a laughable distraction, it’s deadly.

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The President rightly followed the advice of leading infectious disease experts when this pandemic was emerging. The World Health Organization (WHO) trusted China, even as the Chinese Communist Party scrambled to cover up and silence truths. No one should forget that the WHO proclaimed no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan Virus on January 14th.

China Couldn’t Hide It Any More

Six days later, China could no longer contain the facts and confirmed human-to-human spread. It was two days more before they shut down travel from Wuhan. Unfortunately for the world, it was too late. The rush of lunar new year travel ensured many infected people were already spreading the virus around the globe, including in the United States.

A day after China confirmed human-to-human transmission, Dr. Anthony Fauci downplayed the risk and compared the virus to SARS. On January 24th, the CDC issued a press release stating, “the immediate risk of this new virus to the American public is believed to be low,” while asking the public to stay focused on the seasonal flu. On January 26th, Fauci said, “it’s a very, very low risk to the United States,” and as late as February 18th, Fauci proclaimed “the hypothetical danger of coronavirus” was “just minuscule”.

Early Steps Taken Called Xenophobic

President Trump’s directive to restrict travel from China on January 31st actually was very bold, not late action. He was called a xenophobe and a racist for taking this measure. On February 24th, Nancy Pelosi visited Chinatown in San Francisco to “send a message” that “everything is fine.” If President Trump made any mistake, it was listening to his experts early in the crisis, which is ironic considering the media narrative that Trump likens himself to a king.

By the same token, the only mistake made by our own experts like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and the CDC was listening to the World Health Organization. They are the front line of defense to quell a global pandemic, and they failed. There is mounting evidence the WHO took direction from China instead of from science. If that turns out to be true, the President is absolutely correct to cut ties and funding to an organization that failed so miserably.

The Blame Game and Needed Questions

The WHO’s failures are significant, but they pale in comparison to crimes of the Communist Party in China. They didn’t just mess this up, but lied and covered-up truth. This has led directly to hundreds of thousands of deaths across the world and global economic disaster. Mainstream media in America is not using their position to shine a light where it belongs, but to advance a political agenda.

Instead of pulling snippets out of context from a time when the President was being told there was “no significant issue”, they should be asking questions that move us forward in protecting the health and economy of our nation. Here are some suggestions for them:

  • Can we produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and train the American people to use them effectively in order to help contain the spread?
  • How about developing an easy to use PPE for public use that will have high efficiency against the virus when worn?
  • Can we put people to work making them, distributing them, and training citizens how to use them?
  • Should we develop and distribute sanitizing foggers that citizens can use before entering their homes and businesses?
  • Can we direct airflow and use purifiers to reduce the amount of lingering virus in public?
  • Can we expand and encourage more work from home options for the public and private sectors?
  • Can we implement temperature scanning where it makes sense?
  • How quickly can we scale testing to identify those with antibodies who are immune as well as those who are infected?
  • What surfaces do people touch most often, can we devise new solutions to greatly reduce human contact with these surfaces?
  • What configurations, barriers, and technologies can we implement to protect people in restaurants, theaters, offices, supermarkets, churches, and retail stores?
  • Can we speed the development and distribution of therapies?
  • How do we scale and implement massive contact tracing?
  • How do we isolate and protect the most vulnerable from the virus?
  • Can we limit travel into and out of “hot spots”? How? What is the metric to trigger travel restrictions?
  • Can we dictate that individuals participating in recreational, social, or religious actives while practicing social distancing may not be arrested or detained?
  • How can software help us predict, track, and react to the virus?
  • What regulations can be removed to help businesses adjust and keep people employed?

As you can see, these are some critical questions that get to the heart of how we fight this as a nation. How do we mitigate the spread without keeping people locked in their homes, destroying our economy in the process? Hopefully, the team of medical experts, scientists, public servants, and business leaders President Trump has called upon will be asking these questions. Our media certainly isn’t.

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