Correction Part V: Global Interactions

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Failures of the United Nations

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The United Nations is a failure. In some circles this may be the most popular opinion in this series. The United Nations was created to be a forum of discussion and to end war through improved global interactions. Since its inception, there have been more wars, more death, and more corruption in this world than in the 5,000 years previous. Not all of this conflict can be attributed to the United Nations, but a fair amount can be attributed to its abject failure as an organization. The World Order attempted to be brought forth by the UN never was realized- mainly because it was just another skin of the ever-present conflict of government corruption.

The United Nations has tried to be something it is not. It is not a government and should never be a government. The sovereignty of a country cannot be taken away by a popularity contest, nor should it be. This failure was wholly predictable as they created the system with few rules, ruled over by nations with veto power, and then placed it it in a world that does not care. It always was a farce, and has become a money pit where the only redeemable feature was the convention on the rights of the child.

Rules, Common Sense, and Accountability are Needed

Humanity needs a better global organization. We need an organization with no illusions of grandeur. This organization cannot be a governing body, but needs to be a body designed to serve the needs of nations. It cannot be a military power, but must be a venue where militaries can come together to discuss global problems. Commanding nations is not something it should do. But it should facilitate improved global interaction and communication to improve the global condition. It should be governed by a body which represents more than just the state. This body needs also to represent the people, the corporations, and the states. Most importantly, this is not a government, but a voice of the human race.

Small order, right? This is so much closer we can actually imagine the cancer of the United Nations being excised from the world stage. This group should have a charter based on science and morality, not on political grandstanding. Issues like pollution, right to life, and national borders should be established based on law, not pie in the sky dreams. Participation should be based on following certain rules, not one “once you’re in, you are in.” Nations should each pay their fair share or lose their voting rights for a year. The idea that powers from a century ago should have “unlimited” veto power, is a fool’s idea. Similarly, the exclusion of rising powers, such as Australia, South Korea, and India makes no sense. The corruption of the United Nations needs to come to an end, and this crisis could be the element that allows the correction.

Coming Together for Improved Global Interactions

The digital nature of the world has brought us closer together than ever. We need to take time to ask why we are still working under a system established before telephones were a thing. We must address how to use the available technology to improve global interactions. Until the old, outdated systems of the world are replaced, we cannot hope to move into the future. While this is the shortest of the articles in this series, this may be the most important. Humanity does not need a global government; we have seen that fail so many times. What we need is a global forum based on science, logic, and human rights. This can help bring troubled countries up to an international standard and help those countries which are stable begin the process of rightly matriculating to the next level of civilization.

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