Game Review: King of Indecision

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# of Players: 2-5
Time: 40-60 Minutes
Age: 8+
Gamer Type: Casual/Family
Game Type: Resource Management/Strategy
Complexity: 4 (Gateway)

A Great Battle Game for All Gamers

Sometimes the world is overcrowded with games that focus on battle. For wargamers, that is a good thing, but for others, we game to have fun. Everyone once in a while, a game comes long that is fun for the sake of fun. This is the case with King of Indecision from Analog games. This game immerses you in the fun of finding odd items for the King before he changes his mind.


The story of the game is pretty straight forward. The king is collecting goods for his private enjoyment and you are scrambling to earn the favor of the king. This means that you need to collect gold, stallions, spices, and other goods. The caveat to this game is from time to time the King changes his mind as to what he wants. This means the goods you were collecting may not be enough or even the correct items. A novel approach to a game indeed and something that really brings the players in. Therefore, King of Indecision is awarded an 8 out 10 for its story.


Next, we look at the art of King of Indecision. We all know I love hex boards and the dual hex boards of this game are beautifully done. The cards and the artwork for the game draws the players in. While the tokens are simple, they are not too simple to make the game fun for all. This gains King of Indecision 6 more points with a score of 6 out of 10 for artwork.


The mechanics of the game are move and collect mechanics, with the added element of when you will “spend” your loot. I really have not seen this additive in a game before, so this makes the mechanics work together. Moving around the kingdom gives your meeples a chance to collect goods and the randomizer of the cards really keeps you guessing as to when the King will change his mind. This earns the game a strong 6.5 out of 10 for mechanics.


As for strategy, this game really is interesting. Offense is present as you can keep going after resources and building your workforce. There is a minor defensive strategy where you can play back and trade goods. Wheat is the only real “ending building” strategy for this game. So with two and a half of the four big strategy elements, King of Indecision earns another 6.5 for its strategy.


This game is very novel. In fact, it is so novel I am giving it an 8 out of 10 for the score. This game brings together elements of games like “Don’t Wake Dad” or “Shark Attack” where the players do not know when the game dynamics will change. However, Analog Games adds an additional element to the game with the classic Eurogame hex board building. This makes it a fun game the whole family can enjoy.

King of Indecision: A Battle Game for the Whole Family

Overall, this game gets a thumbs up to be in someone’s gaming collection. With a shorter playing time (40 minutes), you do not have to give up a whole afternoon to play a game. This adds to the casual charm of the game. Likewise, the subject matter is fun and non-offensive, meaning you can play it with our kids. With a total score of 36 out of 50, this is a very strong offering from Analog games. A strong offering that I hope you will try when you are looking at your next game.

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