Announcement: NRN Susan Swift Constitution Award for the Right to Bear Arms

Good Guys With Guns: The Nominees

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In our penultimate award, The Susan Swift Good Guys with Guns Right to Bear Arms Award, we honor people who are willing to stand up to a government which is constantly trying to take away our right to defend ourselves. The Founding Fathers established the 2nd amendment not for hunting, not for home defense, but to protect us from the tyranny of the government. Now the government is trying to take away this right. In this award, we are looking for people who are proud of their right to own guns, and in that pride are safe in how they store and maintain their guns.

1st Nominee: Antonia Long of Black Duck High School

Our first nominees is Antonia Long. Ms. Long was a senior at Black Duck High School and a member of the trap shooting team. The team all posed with their shotguns for their team picture, but when Ms. Long, one of the best shooters on the team, tried to use a picture of herself holding her gun over her shoulder, she was told that the picture was not appropriate for the school yearbook.

Here we have a student who was in a school sanctioned activity and was not allowed to celebrate her success because of the superintendents feelings about firearms. Ms. Long won her case before the school board and was allowed to have her picture in the yearbook. By doing so, she allowed history to see that empowered women with guns were using guns in non-violent ways, showing that guns are not only weapons of destruction as fools like Eric Swalwell seem to see them.

2nd Nominee: Kaitlin Bennett of Kent State

Our second nominee is Kaitlin Bennett, another gun girl. Ms. Bennett is the young woman from Kent State who posed with her AR-10 rifle in her graduation picture with “Come and Take it” written on her mortar board. Ms. Bennet stated that she waited until after graduation to post the picture because she was worried that she would be targeted for the picture, even though she was one of the founders of a gun rights group on campus.

This incident sparked comments from then presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell. He commented that only government should have guns- while giving a speech on campus where the national guard killed 4 students for protesting during the 1960s. Bennett’s message that she is safer with her gun than without it should echo true across campuses where defenseless students are being targeted by mass murderers.

3rd Nominee: Jon Caldara of the Denver Post

Our third nominee for this award is Jon Caldara of the Denver Post. In an article about giving a gun for Christmas, he talked about how helping someone learn how to use a gun safely is a great gift for the holidays. Part of the spirit of this award is that good guys with guns stop crimes. No matter what gun laws you pass, you will always have criminals with guns.

And the Winner is…

Britain and Australia both have strict gun laws, and in both countries there are still criminals with guns. Criminals are criminals because they do not follow the law. Jon Caldara embodies this message in his article in the Post.
The winner of this years Susan Swift Good Guys with Guns Rights to Bear Arms Award is… Kaitlin Bennett. It was a close race between Bennett and Long, but in the end Ms. Bennett has been more active in fighting for the cause at a national level. Fighting for the younger generation to have guns and have the training to use those guns is an important issue. We thank all of our nominees for fighting for the cause.

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