Review: Trophies – A Party Game for People Who Have Friends

A New Game For Parties by Facade

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Number of Players: 2-30
Time: 5-15 Minutes
Ages: 8+
Type of Game: Party Game/Quiz Game
Type of Gamer: Everyone

Before we get into the game, I would like to introduce you to some new details we are including in reviews for 2020. We have been getting a lot of feedback that people would like to know things like number of players, time it takes to play, ages who can play, and so forth. This makes sense that you would want to know it, so we are now including this at the top of the article. You asked, we delivered.

Fun For A Large Number Of Players

The Achilles heel of party games has always been most are designed for a certain number of people. If you have the right number of people, then the game is fun. When your party is too large or too small, the result is a game where people either sit out or there are not enough people to properly play it. Façade Games, known for its large group games, takes on this problem directly in its newest offering, Trophies.

The Story

Let’s start off with the story of the game Trophies. As a quiz style game, there is not a whole lot of story to the game itself. The meta-concept of the game is kind of cool, however. In this game, just like in real life, everyone wants trophies. The goal of the game is to earn most of the trophies. One is even awarded out of pity, thus poking fun at the “everyone’s a winner” mentality that permeates society today. Without a main story but with a meta-story for the game, Trophies comes in with a score of 4 out 10 for story.


The artwork of Trophies is simple. There are fun little trophies on each of the cards and above each trophy is the letter is used for that card. One of the failings of many trivia games is their attempt to make the artwork too complex for the game, which distracts the players. Trophies did not fall into this trap. The artwork is simple, clean, and fun — all things we look for in a good game. This earns Trophies a 6.5 out of 10 for the artwork in this game.


The mechanics of the game are also fairly simple, which is good for a quiz game. The judge reads the category on the card and shows the players the letter. Then the players answer the question. The judge determines who was the first person to answer the question with a legitimate answer. Easy Peasy! The game also adds replay value to the game by putting multiple questions on each card, which allows for the same cards to be used in multiple games without people simply remembering the last good answer. This streamlined process earns Trophies a 6 out of 10 for the mechanics of the game.

Trophies Game Strategy

Strategy is also something that gives quiz games headaches, especially games with a high player limit. Façade games takes this problem head on and comes out on top. In this game, you are not only playing the card, but you are also playing the judge and the other players. You need to judge the judge as to what they will think is a good answer all the while moving fast enough so that your opponents do not beat you to the answer. This can be challenging in a fast paced game to keep your edge, but also keep your lead. Thus, Trophies earns a 7 out of 10 in the strategy category for a quiz style game.


Once again, quiz games tend to falter in their novelty. How many different ways can you ask a question? There are two novel aspects of Trophies people should pay attention to. First, is the large player limit. Up to 30 people can play this game, which is huge for larger parties. Adding on to that, everyone who is playing plays right to the very end.

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No one is eliminated from the game until the last card is drawn — although there may be a tiebreaker round where only a few people play one card. This breaks one of the curses of large-scale games, which is friends sitting doing nothing while others play. This gives Trophies an excellent score for novelty because changing the quiz genre is not an easy thing to do. Trophies gets 8.5 out of 10 for this category.

Verdict: Excellent!

Trophies explodes onto the market with a 32 out of 50. While this is a great score for a card game or a board game, for a trivia game this is unheard of. Trophies is a strong offering as is expected from Façade games, a purveyor of high-quality games. This is a good party game that can be played young and old and is fun for everyone.

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