Announcement: NRN Mike Fox Constitution Award for Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of Assembly: Thinking Outside the Box

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One of the most important awards that we see in the family of Constitution Awards is the Mike Fox Freedom of Assembly Award. When the United States was being controlled by the British, we were not allowed to assemble when we wanted to and were forced to assemble when we did not want to. This created a very dangerous situation where people were put into select boxes and that is where they had to stay.

Now we fast forward to 2020. People are now more than ever forced into your “identity politics” little box. With the cancel culture on the rise to the point that Former President Barack Obama stated it is dangerous, the freedom to assemble is now more important than ever.

1st Nominee: The Teachers Who Stood Up the Corruption of the Teachers Union

Our first nominees for this award are the teachers who stood up the corruption of the teachers union. For years, schools have been closed shops where teachers are forced to give a portion of their earnings to the union to fund union operations. Many teachers opposed this as the funds were being directly channeled into the Democrat party. This was a clear violation of the right to assemble, which also gives people the right not to be forced into a group that they did not want to belong to.

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court ruled that government employees did not have to join unions and with a single decision destroyed a large part of the Democrat machine. Now millions of people who do not want to contribute to Democrat candidates have the option of not being strong armed by the union to pay. This is a major move that allows for people to have a choice in who they associate with and who they chose not to support.

2nd Nominee: Elizabeth Heng of New Faces GOP

Our second nominee rocked the world with her video from New Faces GOP. Elizabeth Heng bought ad space for one of the Democrat Debates. As a Cambodian immigrant, the censors must have felt that she would be a good fit for their crowd. She rocked the world with a digital video that was only 30 seconds long, but attacked the core narrative of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

In 30 seconds, she talked about how her father died in Cambodia (watch the video) and the legacy of death that socialism has brought wherever it is found. Elizabeth Heng brought a voice to the conservative movement that said “socialism is wrong, and we have people who have lived through to prove it.” Ms. Heng gave people a voice that was not dominated by college dropouts and gender studies professionals. She gave a voice of real experience allowing us to rally around the republic, not the false promises of the liberal socialist agenda.

3rd Nominee: York University

Our third nominee for the Mike Fox Freedom of Assembly award goes to York University. According to, York University was allowing a group of Israeli soldiers to come to campus to dispel the myth of Peaceful resistance from Palestine. Immediately, leftist groups challenged the event, saying that it was an affront to international human rights. Protesters gathered outside the event chanting “Intifada, Intifada, go back to the Ovens.”

Even Amnesty International, which has abandoned its charter to become a full on leftist group, penned a letter to the University condemning the allowance of free speech outside of the leftist narrative. The school for its part said that it will have a discussion about the issue and begin a freedom of speech working group with the University.

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And the Winner is…

Once again, there are many fitting nominees for this award. But we have to choose only one. In this case we chose Ms. Heng and her social movement to bring awareness about the devastating failures of socialism.

Ms. Heng is putting herself out there, in front of a hostile crowd to say that she knows the false promises of socialism, and her father is no longer living as proof. It is imperative that we learn from our history, even as liberal colleges across the country are removing history and civics programs and classes left and right.

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