Star Bellied Sneetches and Democrat….Um Managers

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An Open Treatises to the Political Elite on the Advent of Political Racism

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The great children’s writer, Dr. Seuss, once wrote a book that took on prejudice. In this simple story, there were two groups of Sneetches. One group had stars on their bellies, and one did not. It was a simple matter of pigmentation. The group with the stars detested the other and mocked them openly. Likewise, the starless breed disliked those with stars and condemned them. The voice of the story was simple. While the Sneetches were basically the same, a difference so infinitesimal between them was used by their leaders to keep them apart. This story is used to teach children that racism, whether political or biological, is foolish and it is those who practice it who are society’s real enemies.

As the impeachment continues from the House of Representatives to the Senate, we are reminded of fools condemning others because of a basic non-difference. Whether they have a “D” on their belly, which would obviously be covered up by the pants Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) wears, or a poorly drawn “R” in the case of Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Mitt Romney (R-UT). In both cases the letter appears as if they just drew legs on a “D.” It is politicians who are owned by lobbyists and blinded by the rage of difference who are trying to force people in the United States to hate one another based on those arbitrary letters. Whether some are boogaloo boys or Antifa basement dwellers, neither group is good for society yet they are buying into the hate propagated by the elite in Washington. It is these officials who were elected to represent us, but who hold themselves up as our rulers.

Working through the political divide

It is in this political divide where society has the opportunity to seize upon that which makes us human. We are simple creatures dwelling upon this rock hurtling through space by the Grace of God. The elites want the hate. They elevate and intensify the distrust and conflict which allows people to accept the status quo and keep them in power. Conversely, our human nature pushes us to talk to other people in the country. Instead of the elected leaders in Washington, we desire to seek out our neighbors next door and the people in the next town over. When this element of human nature prevails, those neighbors see there is less difference between them than between either and the power-hungry elites in Washington. This is part of the message that Trump ran on, albeit with less eloquence. This is the call we must heed if we are to restore the shining city on the hill.

Americans have the nobility of being human.

I for one am proud to be an American Mutt. My family tree has many branches and my political ideology is founded in long hours of thought, not the wrought memorization from the halls of Washington DC. It is true our ancestry may be British, African, Hispanic, Asian, Native, or other. Together, however, we are something different — something unique in its own way. We are not better nor worse than those of our ancestry. We are simply different. We are simply American. While related to our siblings in Canada and Australia, we aren’t of the “purity” made up in some aristocratic ballroom, but of the nobility of the common person. Americans have the nobility of being human.

Impeachment is not conducting the nation’s business

As we watch the impeachment unfold, we need to take it upon ourselves to be the voice of reason among the cacophony of hatred bleeding from the Halls of Congress. People are not dumb because they are Democrats, nor are they ignorant because they are Republican. Idiocy and ignorance are choices in the digital age, choices that we can blame on no one but ourselves.

Proud Americans must stand up. Many elected officials and the extreme elements from both divides will try to keep the hate stoked between us. It is we who hold our destiny. We must stand up to these together whether you are an American Mutt like me or any of the other categories they employ in attempts of separating us whether it is differences in race, color, ethnicity, creed, sex, religion, orientation, or any other way. We must tell our representatives they are not our “rulers,” but serve at our pleasure. Tell them that we want the political theater of Washington to be put on hold and for them to fix health care, allow the economy to keep on growing, and insist that the United States is the leader in space and the future.

We American Mutts are a unique breed because we cannot be judged by our stripes. All who contribute and come here legally are welcome as our family. This is what made these United States of America and it is precisely what is making this country great again.

Christopher W Smithmyer
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