From Jackboots to a Jackass: Schumer’s Bastardization of the 6th Amendment in the Impeachment Case

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Rights OK in the Senate, not the House

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Following a night of abysmal arguments by a clown car full of House Impeachment Managers, Chuck Schumer organized a press conference. Seemingly only to lambast Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for rejecting each and every one of the amendments to the trial process offered by democrats in the wee hours of the night. Schumer stood before the American people demanding a fair trial for the government, full control over the process for the minority and full exoneration of the Star Chamber of the house.

If his pleas had fallen on deaf ears, then it would have been a blessing for Democrats. To the despair of the minority leader, the cries fell on American ears – ears who know their Constitution and the rights that it protects. Schumer’s theater of lies this morning focused on an interpretation of the 6th Amendment that would have warmed the hearts of Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, along with every other dictator the world has ever seen. Schumer argued that the rights presented in the 6th amendment did not apply to the accused, rather these right only applied to the government.

These rights are important ones, the right to a fair trial, the right to an impartial jury and the right to call witnesses for oneself. In a diatribe reminiscent of the corrupt kings of France and Spain, Schumer plead before the American people that to give basic rights to the accused but to deny absolute power to the government was an abrogation of democracy. He plead to the republic to give up their freedom to the will of the mob.

Rights for Clinton but Not Trump

The course that the Senate Trial is following is the self-same rules that Schumer voted on when Bill Clinton was impeached. Back when the Democrat party was not on its deathbed. While Schumer pretends that McConnel is acting as a tyrant, he is simply following the rules established by the elderly democrats. They were in the senate when they were in their 50s and 60s. Schumer’s cries of tyranny fall upon the rules that he helped forge, now the procedural “sword of Damocles” looms above the necks of the democrat party, and the voices of corruption shall not stay it.

Democrats have, in one week, have moved from the jackbooted methodologies used by the Virginia Governor. Those being insisting that peaceful demonstrators stay within a “freedom of speech” zone, without food, water or port-a-johns, to lobby to keep their God-given right to bear arms. Now they become the braying jackasses of the senate, crying that the rights of the accused are an imposition on the rights of the state. These two sides of the coin, both jackboot and jackass, are both of the same coin, the coin of tyranny.

While one hand fool dances on the stage to distract the people, the fiend robs the distracted of their rights and possessions. The American people must demand that this corruption be put to an end. Schumer and his ilk should be held accountable, the impeachment without a crime should be dismissed. Those dastardly few who have acted as the drivers of this out-of-control bus should be removed from office by the ballot box or the judiciary.

Rights for All

Americans have the right to a fair trial. Whether you like him or not, Donald J. Trump, the man and the President, is an American citizen. The thought that Schumer and the impeachment managers would forsake his rights for the right of the State to be unquestioned in its errors should be an alarm to anyone who lives on these hallowed shores. Let your voice be known and call the capital switchboard.

Let them know that this impeachment is a farce, that those running it are violating the rights of every American. That we need our elected representatives in Washington to cease this sham and protect the rights of Americans in states such as Virginia, Colorado, and Illinois where the states are violating the rights of the people. Put their feet to the fire, as it were. Only by letting them know you dislike it will they be hesitant to tolerate it.

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