Gene Huber: Donald Trump Hugged Me and the American People

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RIGHT NOW at NRN w/Gene Huber: My Hug was for the American People

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Not every supporter of President Donald Trump can say they’ve been hugged by the president like I have – “Super Fan” Gene Huber. But I don’t see it that way, my hug was also your hug. I was never involved in politics or paid much attention to the politicians on TV. Like most typical Americans, I just wanted the best for myself and my family. When I saw Trump come down the escalator and announce his candidacy for the presidency, I was glued to the TV. Then when he delivered his many promises to Make America Great Again, I knew that Donald Trump was the man meant for the job.

My 1st Rally – Candidate Donald Trump’s MAGA Rally in West Palm Beach, Florida – October 13, 2016

This was my very first rally and candidate Trump was running against “Crooked Hillary.” And for being at my first rally, the family and energy was incredible! I was 6th in line and the atmosphere of the line was all about love and invitation. When the doors to the arena opened, walking in with the crowd, I will never forget that feeling.

My 2nd Rally – President-Elect Donald Trump’s USA Thank You Tour in Orlando, Florida – December 17, 2016

This was my second rally and Donald Trump was now the President-Elect. It was such a wonderful time to be there because we were celebrating the win that the American people made happen.

I was 3rd in line at this rally and once again to be front and center with the President-Elect was such a dream come true. When Trump came out for the very first time, there were probably 50 Christmas trees on stage and out of nowhere he came out from behind the Christmas trees. And that is why today we can say “Merry Christmas” again and what it was all about. We listened to him throughout the rally and supported him. He feeds off our energy and he loves every second of it.

My Epic 3rd Rally, “The Hug” – President Donald Trump’s MAGA Rally in Melbourne, Florida – February 18, 2017

This is now my third rally. Being 3rd and 6th in line at my first two rallies, I made it a mission to be first at this rally, which I did. I was 12 hours ahead early. I’m doing interview on the rally line with news teams. President Trump is on Air Force One coming to the rally and sees me on his TV. The rally starts and around 30 minutes into the rally, President Trump recognizes me from the TV interviews and points at me and tells me to “come here.” I jumped the fences and ran up on stage and hugged our President and spoke to the world. Trump said “a star is born” and I became SuperFan.

I wrote a book about this story which is called “The Hug of the American People.” The way that I carry this story is I thank God first and this hug was for the American people.

Gene Huber
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