Awakening to Respect: Representative Elijah Cummings Has Passed Away at 68

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Being Better Than They Were When McCain Died

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By now, all of you have heard that Representative Elijah Cummings has passed away. Cummings was the chair of the House Oversight Committee and a constant thorn in the side of the President of the United States, as he has been one of the most outspoken advocates of impeachment in Congress. Cummings has been one of the most liberal members of Congress for decades.

He was also one of the reasons that we, as a nation, should be demanding term-limits for members of congress and  justices on the Supreme Court. He was the anti-Republican, the voice of the Democrats when no one else would state their ideology. Every Republican in this country was inclined to hate him—this is why we must rise above ourselves and pray for the soul of this civil servant.

When Senator John McCain died, liberal (both commentators and politicians) attacked the former senator vehemently. While I have often criticized his actions in my writing, I never forgot about the service that he provided to this country. And while we are fully charged to challenge bad actions and decisions that we do not agree with, we must approach the loss of a representative with a somber understanding that, while we do not agree with what Cummings did as a representative, he chose to put aside his private life and become a public servant to these United States of America.

Respectful in a Time of Loss

No matter how much you disagreed with him, no matter how much hatred you harbor in your heart for him, he deserves a modicum of respect for his service. While I always disagreed with you Mr. Cummings, I thank you for taking part in our republic. Our nation is divided, and this is an opportunity to show everyone, that while we disagree, we are still Americans.

This is an open letter, not just to conservatives, but to liberals, independents, and everything in-between. Let us take a moment to mourn the passing of a civil servant. Let this not be an opportunity to sow a greater divide in our country, because that is not the right thing to do. This is a time we should come together and respect the Democratic process that makes our republic the city on the hill.

Today, whether black or white, Democrat or Republican, patriot or beaurocrat, we are all American. This is the way it is each day when the sun rises and the sun sets. To be American means that we can differ in opinion but still respect our brothers and sisters under the flag of this great nation.

This is a time of loss in a time of toil, so we need to come together, pay respects to a fallen congressman, and be the America that the founding fathers wanted us to be. For these things we should set aside the divided demagogue-ocracy that we have allowed to befall this great nation. I disagreed with the man, but I respected the position. I hope we can all enter into this time of change with that same belief.

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