Review: “The Walking Dead” Season 9 Finale

The Walking Dead Season 9 Recap

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Season 9 of the hit AMC series, “The Walking Dead,” certainly had much in store for viewers. Rick Grimes, the leading character, became a de-facto leader of the allied communities following the war with Negan and the Saviors. Fairly early in the season, Grimes departed the show in a helicopter after rebar impaled him through the side. Though alive, it has been said that his character is finished with the TV show. However, he will be featured in a Walking Dead mini-series.

Following Grimes’ departure, other main characters, such as fan-favorites Daryl Dixon and Michonne, assume leading roles. Picking up six years after Grimes’ departure, Grimes’ daughter, Judith, is now a wielder of her father’s cowboy hat and Colt Python revolver. Negan, who has been imprisoned for life, has developed a strong relationship with her. Judith is occasionally seen talking to Negan through the bars outside of his cell window. Negan escapes his cell at one point to return to his Sanctuary. He finds that there is nothing left for his role as an authoritarian. He then returns to his cell in Alexandria. From here, he attempts to make peace with his former enemies.

This season also introduces Magna and her group. They were brought into the comics following the war with Negan. Though initially skeptical of Magna and her company, Michonne comes to accept them. Season 9 also, however, introduces fan-favorite villains, the Whisperers. Led by a sadistic female who calls herself “Alpha,” the Whisperers walk among the undead. They wear masks made of decayed human flesh. As their name implies, they whisper among one another. They do so as not to draw attention to either the living or the dead.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Finale- “The Storm”


In the season’s penultimate episode, things took a turn for the worst. In an iconic scene from the comics, Alpha and the Whisperers beheaded several of the show’s heroes. They then placed their heads on pikes, marking a border between Allied and Whisperer territory. Several of the main characters were among those to lose their lives in this gruesome scene, including Tara Chambler, Enid, and Henry.

Following this, the season finale jumps forward several months, and into a severe blizzard. Amid this, it is implied that the Whisperers have relocated to a warmer location in order to avoid the harsh winter. It is almost beyond the shadow of a doubt that they will return, however, as The Walking Dead is not a show to abandon a huge plot. Season 10 will most likely begin in October 2019.

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