Freedom for Venezuela: A Go From Guaido

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Interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaido made a call to arms to overthrow the Maduro regime. Guaido posted the video on social media, and it is currently circulating. The mission to oust the Maduro regime has been dubbed “Operation Freedom.” This might be the start of the struggle for freedom for Venezuela.

Guaido is speaking to the camera in the video, with a background of soldiers behind him. He called the actions the “final phase of the operation to free the country from the regime.”

The Maduro regime has been quick to denounce Guaido and the “coup attempt.”

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez announced that the government was “confronting and deactivating a small group of military traitors.”

In the US Senator Marco Rubio has been quick to condone the actions of Guaido.

Guaido’s currently military and civilian support is unknown.

Citizens are already starting to gather around La Carlota in support of Guaido.

“Clashes are reported in the surroundings of El Carlota. Shots are heard and tear gas bombs have been thrown at the positions controlled by Guaidó.”

Internet services have also been restricted in country to prevent media coverage and communication.

The violence, internet shutdown and the call to arms all indicate the current ongoing nature of the coup. Hopefully this could be the start of freedom for Venezuela.
Ray Jones
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