The Evil Side of Good Ole Mayor Pete

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Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome

Once upon a time, Pete Buttigieg was the lovable mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He was a happily married gay man who wanted no trouble with anyone who didn’t want it with him. However, his entire disposition changed when he announced his candidacy for presidency.

Quickly, good ol’ Mayor Pete realized that his moderate stances no longer cut it in the Anti-Republican Party. Though he tested the moderate waters for all but a few days, he soon concocted the potion that revealed the Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll. However, the side effects of this “potion” are slowly losing him key demographics in the 2020 vote.

First, Buttigieg Came for Christians

To seem cool to the identity politics crowd, Buttigieg constructed a Jussie Smollett-esque fib. He claims that Mike Pence had it out for him for being a gay man. After receiving nothing but kind words from the former Indiana governor, he played on the Left’s desire for Mike Pence to be anti-LGBT as a publicity stunt. He claimed that there should be no reason for evangelical Christians to support the Trump administration, and that those who do embrace “hypocrisy.”

His attacks on a man who holds the utmost respect for him were so severe that even some in the LGBT community began to push back. Nonetheless, he must push forward, as this type of Christianophobia is slowly becoming the norm in the Democrat Party, right alongside virulent anti-Semitism.

Next, Buttigieg Wants our Guns

Buttigieg fools the masses into thinking he just wants more sensible gun control by using the euphemism “gun safety measures.” In reality, he wants all semi-automatic firearms banned, which would undoubtedly come with efforts to confiscate them from lawful owners, who constitute less than a fifth of all gun crimes.

Along with most on the Left, Buttigieg continues to ignore simple facts in favor of their favorite strategy for dealing with things they don’t like – ban, ban, ban. Had he enacted this policy prior to the recent Poway Synagogue shooting, the off-duty Border Patrol officer would have had no way to defend his fellow civilians. In turn, a much bigger and more barbaric tragedy would have taken place at the hands of the white nationalist perpetrator and his illicitly-obtained firearm. In addition, the tragedy took place in California, which already has drastic gun control measures in place.

Then, Buttigieg Sets his Sights on our Democracy

Once in office, Buttigieg has also promised to abolish the Electoral College, ironically the very method that would have put him in the Oval Office in the first place. This is perhaps the biggest proof that all the Left is after is power: They aren’t just satisfied with scorched-earth campaigning against Trump, but now they must abolish the system that elected him.

Should the Electoral College indeed go, it’s clear why the Democrats salivate over what would happen next. The nation’s largest urban centers, such as New York and San Fransisco, have an obscenely large Democrat majority. Those votes may decide the outcome of the entire national popular vote.

Also, You Aren’t Allowed to Critique Buttigieg

On top of all his radical views, which also include packing the Supreme Court and late-term abortion, you’re supposedly homophobic if you critique his views. Even if plain civilized debate has nothing to do with his sexual orientation, the Left has not hesitated and will not hesitate to label his opponents as intolerant homophobes. The only real homophobes in the conversation are those who believe his sexuality makes him a lesser human being, which is an evil and false assertion.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg may seem like a perfectly sensible choice for president. Instead, the demands placed on him by the new Democrat Party have morphed him into a Mr. Hyde-type. This other side of him may be a Leftist super-soldier. He supports impeaching Donald Trump for winning an election, borderline infanticide, and spending $93 trillion to get rid of cows and airplanes. Even if Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or others may lead in the polls, Pete Buttigieg must not be allowed to ride this moderate guise to the highest office in the land.

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Reid Neason
Reid Neason
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