Identity Politics on the Right? #BLEXIT / #WALKAWAY

Divisiveness of Identity Politics

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Blexit and #Walkway have made a huge splash in the political world. Gays, Hispanics, blacks and everyone in between are fed up with the Democratic party. Many are realizing the truth, which is that racism, tyranny and fear tactics have historically been integral components of the Left. From prison reform to the welfare state, from the KKK to policing all speech, the Left and the Democratic party have been abandoned by many of the groups they claimed to champion.

Brandon Staka/#WalkAway

Gays, if caught wearing a MAGA hat, are not excluded from the assault all Trump supporters apparently deserve. Blacks, if outed as Conservatives, are called disgusting names like “coon”, “brainwashed” and “porch monkey”! Oddly enough, those that belong to the groups Democrats protect are attacked by their colleagues. Blacks are vicious to blacks, gays physically assault each other and Hispanics are called self-loathing by other Hispanics. The dividing line? If you deviate from the collective thought you are automatically an enemy.

Democrat strategy has been to keep these groups offended and bitter so they will not vote for Republicans. The plan has worked beautifully, that is, until now! Of course in this generation, if you don’t post life’s events on Instagram did it really happen? Many members of minority groups pose for a selfie with a MAGA hat and use hashtags like #Walkaway or #trumpsupporter to “come out” as a Conservative. Most of the photos are totally super cute, but there are real questions that need to be asked before long time Conservatives celebrate and taunt the Left. Many of these people are walking away from one identity group to another.

Conservatism is about principles, family, and fighting for all inalienable rights given to mankind by God. Conservatism is not a fad or a temporary movement until something more flashy comes along; it’s a way of life. That being said, surely, many of the minorities aren’t jumping on the latest political fad. Still, there are questions that should be posed to those who are joining the Blexit and #Walkaway movements.

Candace Owens/#Blexit

Does Identity Politics Belong on the Right?

Is switching from a Left identity group to a Right identity group productive? I don’t think so. Blexit stands for “the black exit from the Democratic party”. The leader of this movement is Candace Owens. She preaches that blacks should become free thinkers while simultaneously telling them how to think by adding that black Americans should leave the Democratic party and vote Republican. Free thinking implies that individuals can look at facts and vote accordingly without anyone telling them to do so. Switch around a few words in what Owens says to her followers and it sounds like a sermon Democrats give to black voters.

Gays for Trump, Arab Christians for Trump

Are Identity Politics a Part of the Conservative Philosophy?

No. The Constitution, the document that Conservatives hold as sacred, is concerned with individual rights. America is the only country in which citizens can come together around a creed, not a race or a religion. The creed of freedom, liberty, and individualism are the principles all can agree on and rally around; superficial aspects of humanity like race or sexual orientation are not and should not be rallying points in this country. Splitting Conservatives up by race, gender or sexual orientation is a slippery slope. Conservative leaders should be watchmen on the wall and advocate for unity around the Constitution before anything else.

Are Those That are Walking Away From the Democratic Party Simply Fed Up With the Left?

Emotions are like the wind, ever-changing directions. Real questions need to be asked of individuals. Are they tired of their “ex” and think their new “bae” is so much better or has a real philosophical change occurred? Being mad at Democrats does not make you a Conservative. You are not a Conservative because you support a Republican president. You are not a Conservative because you vote straight Republican.

These questions should be answered for the sake of Conservatism. Many of those who are joining these Right-leaning movements are young people. They are the folks that will pass on Conservative principles to the next generation. Going from the Left to the Right requires a complete overhaul of values, principles and personal philosophy, not just posting a MAGA hat selfie on social media. Conservatives need discernment and wisdom in this political climate. Yes, we should choose more carefully who we allow to become a thought leader on the Right. Veteran Conservatives should continually challenge the younger generation to stay true to principles and not shifts in culture. We need to stay true to values and not politicians. We should stand by philosophy and not hype.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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