RIGHT NOW Interview and Tour of Corey Stewart’s Historic VA Home

Talking to Corey Stewart at His Historic Home…

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By Amy LaFrance

My exclusive Corey Stewart interview took me on a historic journey through time. While touring his charming Virginia home, Corey discussed his U.S. Senate run, intentions to steal Tim Kaine’s seat, and infamous Trump Tweet. Read along as New Right Network interviews Virginia’s Republican nominee for U.S. Senator.

As I circled through the populated Virginia neighborhood, slowly eyeing every mailbox, searching for the right number, I quickly realized the home was set way back. As my car drove up the gravel driveway, the sprawling green lawn, with an inviting white iron chair, suddenly gave way to a lovely old brick house in the distance. Beautiful old trees stood guard, as the dogs circled my car, making sure I was safe.

Corey Stewart for US Senate's historic Virginia Home
Corey Stewart Virginia home tour

I sat taking it all in, the beauty and the fragrance. The vines trailed up the side of the house, resting just below the roof and, just like that, the countryside was within reach. It was not too long before I realized that the house brought me way back in time, a very historical time in our nation’s history. The estate is called Bel Air and was built in the mid-1700’s.

Charming Virginia Home Tour

This house actually sheltered our very first president for a night back on April 5th, 1759. Wow! Mr. Stewart shared some interesting historical facts as he showed me around. We stepped into the lower level that at one time had been the servants quarters. The large built-in fireplace almost took up one whole wall. I could smell the history, as we ascended the small, slightly crooked staircase, to the main floor. The main hall boasts its original door, and most updates that were done reflect the architecture of the time. The home is furnished with beautiful period pieces. A true gem!

Historic Virginia Home George Washington Slept In; Decorated with Period Pieces
Historic Virginia home George Washington slept in; Decorated with quaint period pieces

Taking it all in, I was awe inspired. Mr. Stewart explained that he and his wife purchased the home in 2012. It sits on 25 acres of beautiful land that is surrounded by neighborhoods, schools, churches, and stores. A historical masterpiece in the middle of a built-up major suburban area. As the U.S. Senate candidate running against Tim Kaine, Corey Stewart is a true patriot who supports our president and wants to work with him to continue moving our country, and the great state of Virginia, forward in the right direction.

Fire Tim Kaine Before He “Raises Your Taxes Through the Roof” (Trump Tweet)

As we discussed his opponent the day after their very first public debate, Mr. Stewart said that he believes Kaine is an obstructionist, who will defy our president and vote against him, just because “Trump supports it’.” “He voted against the tax cuts,” he said, mentioning that the tax cuts have been effective in “reviving our economy.” Stewart reiterated that with a booming economy, we have more factories coming back to build here and more people working than ever before, especially minorities. Democrats have no real argument against that, but being the obstructionists that they are, they will find a way to “resist.” His opponent, Tim Kaine, is no exception. In Donald Trump’s victory tweet, congratulating Corey Stewart’s big Republican primary win, the president expressed the same concerns about Tim Kaine.


History Cannot Be Changed

As we sat discussing everything from voter fraud to term limits, (he thinks they are good, but more than a few terms are needed to be able to settle in and actually get things done), I was given a history lesson on the painting that sat above the fireplace. Painted by the artist Grant Wood, who is famous for having done the very well known ‘American Gothic’ (remember ma and pa, with a pitchfork), it depicts the story of George Washington and the cutting of the cherry tree.

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That story was written by a previous owner of the estate, Parson Weems. It is still so hard to believe that it was just a story. Was George Washington honest? We believe so, but it always seemed like truth when we heard it from our teachers, or parents growing up. Perhaps, like history, truth can get watered down over time. As the year’s pass, history and fiction can meld. This is why facts are so important. It is also why the Democrats cannot rewrite our history to suit their agenda.

Painting depicting George Washington and the cutting of the cherry tree; By renowned artist Grant Wood

#WalkAway Video Movement “Terrifies the Democrats”

With that knowledge, our discussion turned to our president, and the truths that he is facing. Our country is at a crossroads, and as Mr. Stewart mentioned, “Trump is effective in jolting our country back” to its former greatness. He believes that “it’s a necessary phase in our history that may make people uncomfortable.” Rightfully so. The Democrats want to keep the status quo.

They have been resisting and fighting Trump, and his agenda, every step of the way. Mr. Stewart pointed out that people are getting discouraged with them. We talked of the social media movement to leave the democratic party. Mr. Stewart stated that “the #WalkAway movement terrifies the Democrats because we’re restoring our country’s value.”

As progressives, they see that as going backward, if only because of the meaning of the word progress. Their term is misleading, however. While they talk of progress, they promote big government and socialist policies, which only bring us back towards English rule. Big government is like English rule.

In essence, going back to our greatness, when Washington and others fought to gain our freedom from England, we have the same weapon they had; a desire to be free from tyranny. Conservatives will fight for that. The Democrats will not. Which side sounds more appealing?

The War on Culture

Speaking of one side being less appealing, Mr. Stewart and I discussed the left and their obsession with identity politics and, “putting people in categories.” He had recently held a press conference in front of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, which came under fire for refusing to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, (White House Press Secretary), and her family.

As Mr. Stewart stated that day, “Virginians are welcoming people, we don’t discriminate at all.” He is right. The left thinks they have the moral high ground in politics. Discriminating against anyone for any reason makes one intolerant and bigoted. Mr. Stewart believes that the Democrats are wrong and try to,”divide the people on purpose”. He also believes that with Trump in the White House, him as one of the U.S. Senators, and more like him who support the president’s agenda, “we’ll fix the war on culture.” Good! It needs fixing.

The People Have Had Enough

The identity politics of the Democratic party has been the driving force behind the division in this country. Those who wish to blame the Republicans, or President Trump, are incapable of facing the truth. Corey Stewart is running a grassroots campaign to challenge this and bring the truth to light. He firmly states that the “people have had enough.”

He believes that the 2016 election of Donald Trump was a “watershed moment that will help to define who we are as a country.” He has many friends, gay or otherwise, who have been Democrats all of their lives, yet are now very strong supporters of Trump. They have woken up to what the Democrats truly stand for.

Their #WalkAway moment came during this defining time in our history. Mr. Stewart states that “the blue-collar workers have felt betrayed by the Democrats.” They have also been awakened to this time in our country’s rebirth. Many people have. It would seem that we have all been in sleep mode, soundly, assuming all was well with our country. Awakening to the truth has not been easy. We have seen the damage done. Mr. Stewart has seen the damage done. The good thing is that we have those like him, running for office, to fix our broken pieces and help put America back together again.

Preserve America’s Greatness

When our interview was over, we walked outside. I was able to take some photos of the historical grounds. One of the first things I noticed was the American flag, waving proudly in the middle of the yard. Those stars and stripes are meaningful. Mr. Stewart knows what they stand for. He wants to have the opportunity to work with Trump to preserve the glory and meaning of our amazing flag.

American flag waving in the wind on these historic
Virginian grounds deserves a salute

The next thing I noticed was the original road; now overgrown with weeds and grass, it still forms an outline of the past. An outline of all those who have ever traveled it, it remains an outline of our country’s past battles and scars. George Washington traveled that road. Perhaps he was weary from a battle and needing rest, but ever diligent of what he had been fighting for; Freedom.

Corey Stewart’s winding path that paved the road to freedom

Freedom and Prosperity Do Not Come Free

Somehow that word seems more poignant now than ever. As I stood looking down that road, the future seemed to collide with the past. The time has now come to preserve the greatness of America. Her future hangs in the balance. If elected in November, Mr. Corey Stewart will help to do just that. Donald Trump had the vision; he has sought to “make America great again.” With the help of elected senators like Mr. Stewart, his job will be much easier.

Freedom and prosperity do not come free, as the past guest in Corey Stewart’s home would whisper today. There is a price to be paid. He paid that price for us back then. We are eternally grateful. Let us show our gratitude by electing those like Mr. Stewart, who will continue to fight for our country and preserve the values and traditions of this great country. Vote Virginia red in November. George Washington would be proud.

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