How Childproof Caps Ruined America

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There Have Been Many Influential People in American History

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Have you ever heard the name, Dr. Henri J. Breault? If you have not, you are not alone. He is not Jonas Salk, Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming or Isaac Newton. These are well-known, very influential people who have changed the very course of human history. All were top minds in their respective fields and could be found in any high school textbook. Salk cured polio. Curie advanced physics and destroyed barriers in her time. Fleming discovered penicillin & Newton did just about everything in his day. The guy invented calculus. These four people are undisputed titans of their field, but Dr. Breault has influenced the current day much more.

Who is Dr. Henri J. Breault?

Dr. Breault received his medical degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1936. He practiced medicine for over 40 years. He is in the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for his contributions to the science. Sadly, he died in 1983. It was his work in the mid-1970s that has indirectly influenced people around the globe. His focus of expertise was pharmacology with an interest in pediatrics and the accidental poisoning of children. No doubt this is a noble pursuit. As a rule, we all admire such pursuits for there is no nobility in being superior to your fellow man but being superior to your former self (my apologies to Hemmingway). For all his great accomplishments, Dr. Breault had one major development that would change the path of humanity and, indeed, the direction of the western world. In 1967, Dr. Breault helped design something known as the “palm and turn” which we know today as the childproof cap.

At the time, and of course in general, this seemed like a sensible precaution that any parent – including myself – would see as a godsend. However, there are unintended consequences for every action no matter how good the intentions are. We have all felt the sting of this consequence in every area of our lives. Most of you have never taken the time to put the pieces together. Also, it is with the sincere hope that the lot of you do not sit around and think about moronic things like this. Hopefully, most of you are working hard to make your lives better.

Think About the Course of History

Think about this. At one time in history, pre 1970s obviously, all of those people who do all of the ridiculous, life-threatening things you watch on the internet a couple of times a week, would have been weeded out by the natural selection (see Darwinism) of drinking something under the sink after they were told not to by their parents. These people would not have survived and would not be around to make the rest of us shake our head in amazement. Now fast forward to today. Those people would not have grown up and met someone as intellectually bereft as them and made babies. However, those caps were in place and those parents were spared that grief only to have it manifest itself in their now 18 – 25-year-old kids skipping school for their “cause” which they can tell you exactly zero about except what their parents have said or what they have read on their preferred social site or favorite late night TV program. I know that is a generality and there are informed, intelligent protestors out there who believe deeply in what they are protesting for or against. However, and I saw this first-hand during the January 21, 2017, women’s march in DC, there are a great majority of the protestors that recite practiced chants and yell about losing their rights and then go back to their dorms at Georgetown – which I found ironic. We have seen violent protestors injure people and destroy property without an ounce of empathy in an effort to squelch someone saying something with which they do not agree. Nothing truly gets people on board like smashing a Starbucks or blasting a woman with pepper spray who was simply standing there not agreeing with them.

It saddens me that the people who cherish America the most are the ones that come here from other countries. My mother got her citizenship about ten years ago. It was a very proud moment for her, and I was humbled to share it with her. I can tell you there is nothing more enlightening than to realize you cannot appreciate the great things America offers if you live here your entire life. The good news is it is not your fault. It is just a fact that you do not know anything different.

Current Events Reinforce This Theory

In the past few years, I have seen the language grow more vicious while the intellectual efforts of those who choose to engage grow more inept. I will never achieve the heights of the greats mentioned above, but I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. I went to a decent mid-range college and have above average common sense. I can outsmart my children on a regular basis, and so far, the decisions I have made regarding my life have turned out ok. Most of this I learned from my parents who had far less. The single thing I always did without fail was to stay out from under the sink.

Maybe one day this profound thought piece will automatically populate in a Google search. Perhaps it can become a cliché that would substitute for more hateful language. You may think even about this when you see something you consider borderline insane. You may laugh a little and find a way to drop the hostility and power through a difference or two with a verbal sparring partner. Try it once, try it now” damn child-proof caps ruined everything.” Sure, it sounds ridiculous right now, but the next time you see someone try to rob a gun store with a knife or see the tag that says, “made in China” on your American Flag, or pretty much anything involving YouTube, rednecks and fire, you may think about this. On the other hand, you may just shrug it off and go to a happy place. Trust me; it is warm there with great margaritas.

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