Game Review: Nova Lux

Overall, this is a great small box game. Space is a great theme for gaming and Nova Lux will not disappoint.

Schrodinger’s Box Grading: How the Advent of “Grading” is Ruining the Gaming Industry

Grading belongs in industries of observation, like coins and stamps. In the gaming industry, grading is ruining all the fun.

Game Review: Murder Castle

The game's back-story is drawn from one of the darker eras of American History. H.H. Holmes, for those of you who do not know the story, was a man who made his ...

“The Ghost of Tsushima” Game Review: Samurai Story Overshadows Woke Story

When comparing a woke game with a game with a good story, which one do you think wins in the end? The results may surprise you!

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