BLM Strikes Again: The Two-Tiered Justice System

The question we must ask is: for how long has the seeping corruption of the justice system been infiltrating the very fiber of our society to transform it from ...

“We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore…” Warning Shots Fired at BLM

BLM is used to it's "protests" only being opposed by defensive or crowd controlling police. Now that they've taken to marching on suburbs, it's a new game.

Talcum X Is At It Again

The man affectionately known as Talcum X has gone and done it again. It's finally time to take the gloves off with this pretender.

The Ties That Reveal

Black Lives Matter turns out to be a shill fundraising and protest org for the DNC, go figure. They also are chummy with more famous Communists, like Maduro in ...

PSA: BLM Donations May Be Funding Democrats

The movement known as BLM may not be the same BLM anymore. Chances are, could be a Democrat laundering scheme. A MUST READ.

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