Why Is Google Protecting Harvard Defenders of Hamas Terrorism?

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Google has once against shown its true colors in its efforts to suppress the readership of news about the radical students at Harvard University who have voiced their support—very publicly—for Hamas.

Hamas, of course, is designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, but that didn’t stop Harvard students from quickly rushing to its defense after its bloody Oct. 7 attacks on Israel. 

According to those students, “The apartheid regime [of Israel] is the only one to blame” for the attacks in Israel. So says a letter signed by 34 student organizations at Harvard that was issued in the hours after the Hamas slaughter of innocents in a surprise attack that, to quote Franklin Roosevelt, is “a date which will live in infamy.”

J. Christian Adams wrote an article published by PJ Media about the letter, which quoted statements in the student letter verbatim. Indeed, the lead of the story was a direct quote from the letter about Israel being an apartheid regime that was to blame for the killing, rape, and kidnapping of Israeli (and American) men, women, and children by Hamas terrorists.

Adams linked to the student letter in his article so readers could see for themselves what those student supporters of terrorism and brutality said. 

Over the past six months, Adams and I have written a series of articles about the extremist transformation of elite law schools in the past decade, highlighting the actual course catalogs of the nation’s top 10 law schools, including Harvard.

We just published our final article about the University of Michigan Law School, which is as bad as, if not worse than, the other nine schools. These schools have been totally taken over by the extreme Left, which has customized the curriculums and school programs to brainwash students and turn them into radical, America-hating social justice warriors who will help our enemies, bring down our republic and destroy our supposedly fascist, white supremacist legal system. 

Adams discovered that four Harvard Law School student organizations were signatories to the letter that other university organizations had signed onto.  They were the Harvard Middle Eastern and North African Law Student Association, Harvard Law School Justice for Palestine, Harvard South Asian Law Students Association, and the Harvard Muslim Law School Association. Their signatures and support were public. 

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Adams went to each of the organizations’ Harvard Law public webpages to see who the leaders of each organization were who had approved their joining this condemnation of Israel and support for Hamas’ reprehensible attacks.

The biographies of several of the student leaders were publicly posted on these organizations’ web pages. Adams simply republished the biographies verbatim.  Moreover, Adams discovered some of the biographies mentioned the law firms that had given those students job offers when they graduate from Harvard Law School.

Adams republished those statements and biographies verbatim, all of which these students had voluntarily and publicly disclosed. His article generated a lot of readership and apparently brought a lot of attention to these law students and where they were going to end up working. 

So, how did Google react to this article that contained public information about these students? Google demonetized PJ Media’s coverage. What that means is that Google decoupled the article about the students and their support for Hamas from the advertising revenue stream generated by the article, the revenue stream that helps pay the operating costs of the PJ Media website. 

Paula Bolyard, PJ Media’s editor, covered this Google restraint in another article, “Big Tech Doesn’t Like That We’re Exposing Anti-Semitism on College Campuses.”

Apparently, Google claimed that telling the truth was “dangerous” and “derogatory” and the social media giant was, according to Bolyard, ensuring that PJ Media “would take a financial loss because we still have to pay our writers when they do this to us, which is increasingly common.” 

For good measure, according to Adams, Google sent the same alert to Instapundit, another site that linked to Adams’ article. Bolyard says that Google didn’t explain why the Adams article was dangerous. Google just expects PJ Media to “shut up and take it.”

She also asks whether Google is “demonetizing pro-Hamas sites that are celebrating the attacks on Israel?” Bolyard is not “going to hold” her breath on that question, which is probably a good thing, because if she did, she would probably never take another breath.

Shortly after publication of the Adams article, the Harvard Law students yanked their biographies from the student organization websites. It seems they didn’t like having to bear the personal consequences in their professional lives that comes from, as Adams calls it, excusing “the wholesale slaughter of innocents and literally shift[ing] blame to Israel” for the brutal surprise attack carried out by Hamas militants.

But the law firms that reportedly have withdrawn their job offers to those students have done the right thing, just as surely as Google has done the wrong thing.

Fortunately, The Daily Signal doesn’t run on revenue generated by Google ad streams, so Google can’t demonetize me for pointing out the company’s offensive behavior and its attempt to help the student supporters of terrorism at Harvard.

I don’t doubt, however, that the censors at Google will do everything they can to alter their search algorithm to prevent this article from turning up if anyone does a search about despicable college students supporting Hamas.

So, if you think this article has important information, email it to people you know who you think might be interested. Google can’t demonetize that, either.

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