How Was Israel Caught Off Guard by Hamas?

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Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, ruthlessly killing more than 1,000 Israelis in the name of their god and in furtherance of their desire for Israel’s land.

These savages—as they may aptly be called—in concert with Iran and their disjointed Palestinian allies have a single-minded goal: to obliterate Israel and its people.

The good news for Israel is that this might be the extent of the attackers’ capabilities. However, despite Israel’s overwhelming might and strength, it was caught off guard. The pressing question on everyone’s mind is how this could happen, given Israel’s extensive spy network and technology that taps into conversations from every corner of the Middle East.

How did they miss this?

The ongoing regional conflict, tracing its roots at least as far back as the early 1900s, witnessed another episode when Hamas launched an attack on Israel. We must acknowledge that this isn’t necessarily a failure of U.S. or Israeli intelligence. The nature of the attacks experienced by Israel suggests the work of a group more akin to a militia rather than a truly centralized, coordinated effort.

Militias present a unique challenge. Their lack of centralized coordination ironically often renders their actions more unpredictable and thus harder to anticipate. This dynamic can be seen in places such as Afghanistan, which has been colloquially termed as “the graveyard of empires.” The region’s heavy reliance on militias to confront adversaries creates a treacherous environment for invading forces.

The unpredictable nature of militias, with their varying degrees of sophistication, numerous units, and dispersed operations, leaves armies essentially navigating in the dark, relying solely on the immediate intelligence gathered by their frontline troops.

The attacks on 9/11 serve as a reminder that even the mightiest superpowers can be caught off guard by small militia groups, no matter the intensity of their defense mechanisms. The events of that day were orchestrated by mere men armed with knives, and the fallout was arguably the most significant tragedy in American history.

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The U.S., in many ways like Israel, has thwarted countless plots—many more than the general public would likely want to be aware of. However, it only takes one overlooked detail, one lapse in intelligence, to lead to immense repercussions.

In the current scenario, we see individuals soaring into Israel on motorized gliders, brandishing AK-47s. This is not a conventional army, and it’s not a group that can be sat down for negotiations. It’s a stark contrast to the times of Henry Kissinger, where diplomatic shuttling could lead to treaties and conflict resolutions. In this situation, there’s no room for such traditional diplomacy.

The most viable course of action appears to be defense and retaliation, with the hope that lessons are learned. This way, if caught off guard again, the response can be more swift and effective.

The behavior exhibited by certain pro-Palestinian activists celebrating this brutality is nothing short of appalling. These aren’t advocates for peace or any noble cause. They seem to have lost all touch with humanity. Their behavior is akin to savages, taking pleasure in violence and parading their heinous actions as if collecting trophies.

When groups like the New York City Democratic Socialists of America rally in support of these actions in places such as Times Square and outside the Israeli Consulate, like they recently did, it’s a chilling reminder of the depths of depravity some are willing to sink to. The terrifying reality is that there are backers for this kind of barbarity right on our doorstep.

There’s a thought-provoking sentiment I recently encountered that offers a unique perspective on this conflict situation. It asks: “If both sides had the power to do whatever they wanted, what would they do?” Undeniably, Israel has a formidable military. They have the means, if they so choose, to exert overwhelming force. In a day, Palestine could be wiped from the face of the Earth. Yet, they show restraint.

This restraint is not merely out of fear of international condemnation, but rooted in their national and humanistic values. These savages are different. If the roles were reversed, they would undoubtedly kill every Jew and Israeli. Seeing dead Israeli bodies paraded around Palestine proves this point.

Advocates of this indiscriminate slaughter do so on the grounds that they consider it to be morally justifiable. The moral rationale behind engaging in ransacking followed by rape, killing and subsequently parading the bodies is beyond my comprehension.

Nevertheless, even assuming it was somehow justifiable, we must remember that this is wholly based on a lie. These fringe organizations frequently express their support despite the fact that the media, which are remarkably more pro-Israeli today, disseminate false information about this regional conflict regularly. The notion that Israel intentionally targets Palestinian children and adults for slaughter is an absurdity that defies the facts.

Each time armaments and missiles are directed toward Israel, Israel retaliates by immobilizing these weapons. But, alas, the terrorists house their weapons in schools and residential buildings. Does Israel bear responsibility for Hamas deliberately storing those weapons in schools with the intention of using the bodies of children as a defense mechanism? Must Israel simply allow their own children to continually be bombarded by rockets?

These behaviors are consistent with criminal savages, not saints, and they are certainly not deserving of adoration. However, they are given it, and in this world, we will perpetually contend with savages and those who support them. Savages are doomed to exist. They are unreceptive to rationality.

I firmly believe that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians, like people everywhere, are good-hearted individuals seeking peaceful lives free from the constant shadow of conflict. The world needs more voices championing love over territory, unity over division.

We should be promoting understanding and coexistence, instead of allowing narrow political agendas to dictate our future. We must rise above the strife, come together, and shape a future filled with hope and prosperity for all.


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