Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton Joins Pro-Life Diaper Company as Brand Ambassador

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FIRST IN DAILY SIGNAL: Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton is teaming up with a new pro-life diaper company as a brand ambassador, The Daily Signal has learned.

“Every baby is a miracle, and I couldn’t be more excited to represent EveryLife as a brand ambassador,” Hamilton said in a statement. “EveryLife’s dedication to cherishing and safeguarding every baby—born and unborn—aligns with my own values.”

EveryLife is a premium diaper company launched by Public Square, an app that provides an online marketplace for people to buy products from “values-aligned businesses” instead of woke companies. EveryLife offers parents the option to buy diapers from a company that aligns with their values and that directly funds pro-life initiatives. A portion of its proceeds goes directly to Live Action, a pro-life nonprofit group that advocates for the unborn.

“EveryLife’s commitment to provide for and protect the next generation is at the core of its desire to build a different kind of company—one that will never support anything that goes against its mission to champion life,” the company said in a release. “The direct-to-consumer diaper company stands out in the diaper industry for its commitment to support pro-life organizations, including donating diapers and [baby] wipes to crisis pregnancy centers in urgent need.”

Hamilton was attacked by a shark while surfing when she was 13, resulting in the loss of her left arm, but has returned to professional surfing. A wife, a mother, and an inspirational faith figure to many, she is the subject of the 2011 biopic “Soul Surfer.”

Bethany Hamilton surfs in Heat 1 of the elimination round at the Billabong Pro Pipeline on Jan. 30, 2022, in Haleiwa, Hawaii. (Photo: Tony Heff/World Surf League/Getty Images)

Hamilton, 33, previously promoted the diaper company with an ad posted on social media depicting her using EveryLife diapers and wipes for her own babies.

“Having children has made me to be intentional in all areas of my life,” she said in the social media post. “Choosing who and what we support day to day sends a message and matters. So, with all the diapers our family uses, it makes sense to support a company that upholds the values that I cherish and that is why we now use EveryLife.”

“They believe that every gift, every child, every life is a blessing from God!” she added. “I love that EveryLife not only has outstanding diapering products, but they’re also outspokenly pro-life.”

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“Bethany represents everything we believe in as a company, and we’re so very honored to partner with her,” Sarah Gabel Seifert, co-founder and president of EveryLife, said in a statement Friday. “She views parenthood as the greatest job anyone could ever hope to have—and she’s resolute in her commitment to stand up for her beliefs, especially the supreme value of life.”

EveryLife also provides an avenue for supporters who may not have children, grandchildren, or nieces or nephews to support babies through EveryLife’s “Buy for a Cause” bundle: When a customer purchases a “Buy for a Cause” bundle, diapers and wipes go directly toward a family in need that has “made the courageous decision to embrace parenthood,” through either Live Action or Save the Storks, a pro-life organization that provides ultrasounds and other pregnancy resources by traveling around the country in mobile facilities called “stork buses.”

PublicSq. Founder and CEO Michael Seifert previously told The Daily Signal that he is offering his employees a $5,000 “baby bonus” to help sustain their families. Employees can use the bonus, which is $5,000 after taxes, for anything they want, he said.

Some parents who are adopting face exorbitant fees, and the baby bonus could help offset that. Other families with several children already may just “need some more diapers” or a “babymoon,” he joked.

“There’s no restrictions on it,” he explained. “And it’s also not limited to one child. So, if you have multiple kids as an employee of our company, it’s $5,000 for the child; so, if you have twins, you get 10 grand. So, yeah, we want to make sure that we are supporting families and then giving them the agency to utilize these resources as they see fit.”

Gigi De La Torre contributed to this report.

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