Latino Dem Lawmaker Confronts Biden on Border Crisis: ‘You’ve Got to Deport People’

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CV NEWS FEED // Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-TX, whose district borders Mexico, said President Joe Biden is “not doing enough” to stop the country’s ongoing immigration crisis.

“We need to have repercussions at the border,” Cuellar said on a Sunday FOX News interview. “What does that mean? You’ve got to deport people, and you’ve got to show images of people being deported.”

“When was the last time we saw people going the other way instead of just seeing people flow in?” Cuellar asked host Bill Hemmer.

Cuellar used a football analogy to illustrate that it is necessary to also work with the Mexican government in order to prevent immigrants from coming to the southern border illegally in the first place. 

“We as Democrats and Republicans can continue playing defense on the one-yard line, or we can play defense on their 20-yard line — and that is getting Mexico to do more,” he said.

Cuellar suggested a middle ground on immigration between Biden and former President Donald Trump, whom Cuellar said “went too much to the right.”

“We’ve got to find the right balance,” the congressman said, distinguishing himself from both presidents. “You’ve got to listen to the community leaders.”

Cuellar is widely considered to be the most moderate Democrat in the U.S. House. A self-professed Catholic, he has a mixed voting record on abortion and has received a “D” rating from the Catholic Accountability Project. 

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In the last two election cycles, the congressman survived hotly-contested primary challenges from far-left candidate Jessica Cisneros. Cuellar defeated Cisneros by less than 300 votes in 2022. 

In recent weeks, several high-profile Democrats have sparred with Biden on immigration. Among them is New York City Mayor Eric Adams, whose city is currently dealing with an unprecedented migrant crisis.

“This issue will destroy New York City,” Adams said earlier this month.

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