Writer Who Led Revolt Against Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports Punished

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There was a major backlash this year for the first time against Pride Month, and much of the trend can be credited back to a brave writer who broke a story in December 2021 about a transgender athlete competing in female sports. For this, he has been drastically shadowbanned on Twitter, which has unfortunately not been corrected under the new fairer leadership of Elon Musk. While Twitter (recently renamed to X) has become the most powerful media platform in the world, allowing formerly suppressed conservative journalists (including myself) to thrive, Chris Tremoglie remains mostly invisible, punished for his groundbreaking work that has helped women and girls everywhere. 

Tremoglie, a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, attended classes with swimmer Lia Thomas at the University of Pennsylvania. On Dec. 14, 2021, he broke the story of Thomas racing with the female swim team. “Thomas set a new Ivy League ‘female’ record in the 500-meter freestyle on Friday,” Tremoglie wrote in the piece, titled “The University of Pennsylvania is Oppressing Females.” He argued, “No mother or father should have to worry about daughters losing opportunities because of transgenderism’s radical hatred of women.” 

Tremoglie followed up with an interview of one of the female swimmers on the team, which landed him a spot on Fox & Friends. “She compares herself to Jackie Robinson,” the anonymous teammate told Tremoglie. “She said she is like the Jackie Robinson of trans sports. … “She laughs about it and mocks the situation … she’s not sympathetic or empathetic at all.”

Tremoglie’s work was cited in a Federalist Society report, Gender Identity Policy Under the Biden Administration. It referenced his exclusive article about how both UPenn and the Philly DA ignored complaints about Thomas’s nudity in the women’s locker room. 

Losing Twitter engagement

Shortly afterwards, Tremoglie noticed his Twitter engagement drastically dropped and he was no longer accumulating new followers. It became impossible for others to type in his name or username and find his account easily, and when people went to his page, it contained a warning over it, “Caution: This profile may include potentially sensitive content,” requiring the user to click “yes” in order to view the page. A shadowban checking site shows that his account has both a search suggestion and search ban on it.

Nothing changed after Musk bought Twitter, even though other conservative journalists were freed from the biased algorithm. Twitter has not responded to his requests. Even though he has taken immense efforts to obtain new followers, which the rest of us conservative journalists don’t have to do in the Musk era — we’re now easily getting new followers organically just like the lefty media has always been able to do — he remains stuck at 13,700.

Despite the ongoing censorship, Tremoglie hasn’t let up covering the controversy. In December, he published the amusing “2022’s Man of the Year: Lia Thomas.” Tremoglie said, “[W]hile I presume Thomas was just a college student with a mental health problem who just wanted to swim … Thomas was the poster boy of the LGBT genderless world and utopia the Left hoped to create.” 

Turning the tide

Now, instead of being canceled for “dead naming” transgenders, Tremoglie helped turn the tide around so people can speak more freely about this radical agenda without censorship. Swimmers like Riley Gaines have started speaking up, and legislation is passing around the country to keep women’s and girls’ sports for females only. People began objecting to medical gender transitions for youth, until the pushback fully expanded in June, as stores like Target were forced to dismantle their pride displays due to anger over the extreme LGBTQ+ agenda. 

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Thanks to trailblazers like Tremoglie, combined with Musk’s takeover of Twitter, others are now free to state their opinions about transgender extremism on Twitter. But Tremoglie’s still paying the price. Even though he’s as clever as Cat Turd on Twitter, his journalism receives no boost. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 

Not alone in shadowbans

Tremoglie isn’t the only one who continues to encounter unfair shadowbanning under the Musk era. Jordan Conradson, The Gateway Pundit’s Arizona reporter, is so shadowbanned that when you quote tweet him, his tweets don’t show up unless you click on them. Conradson is considered one of the best reporters in Arizona and somewhat of a prodigy at only 21; his articles regularly get hundreds of comments, but he only has 21,200 followers on Twitter due to the ongoing shadowban. 

Mark Mendlovitz, one of the funniest conservatives on Twitter, told me only his followers interact with him since he’s being hidden from others. This may be due to a new policy that counts blocks against visibility: If numerous left-wingers block a conservative, the algorithm reduces their visibility. Mendlovitz has become legendary at refuting trolls, especially on the topic of election fraud, who then angrily block him, so sadly he’s paying for it. Ever since Musk allowed conservatives to be treated equally on Twitter, their new prominence has made them prime targets for the left’s paid trolls. So it’s not like Mendlovitz can easily escape the trolls. 

Maybe these stalwart conservatives have been overlooked because they’re not cute 20-something conservative female “influencers.” Whatever the reason, it’s unfair that they are being sharply suppressed on the number one media site in the world, which is supposed to have dropped the bias against conservatives. In today’s era, it’s difficult to get traction as a conservative journalist now without Twitter since the rest of big tech massively censors us. 

We’re just asking for a little fairness that was overlooked. Others posting about transgenders in sports are no longer shadowbanned, so Tremoglie should be treated equally. The rest of big tech is a lost cause, but since Musk has finally given conservatives one big tech platform that doesn’t discriminate against them, which is amazingly now the most powerful media platform in the world, tell Musk to stop the shadowbanning of these important voices.

Rachel Alexander
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