White House On Defense Over Mounting Criticism of Maui Fire Response

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CV NEWS FEED // White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre this week claimed that President Joe Biden reacted “in record time” to the wildfires that killed numerous citizens and destroyed a city in Hawaii last month.

At a Wednesday press conference, FOX News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy remarked to Jean-Pierre, “It seems like the hurricane response so far is robust,” referring to Hurricane Idalia’s impact in Florida and other parts of the southeastern United States this week.

Doocy went on to contrast the White House’s reaction to Idalia with its widely criticized slow response to the deadly blaze in Hawaii that left at least 115 people dead and many more still missing. 

“Did you guys realize that the initial Hawaiian wildfire response was not that good, or is it just easier for people to get help from the White House when the president is not on vacation?” the journalist asked the press secretary.

Jean-Pierre said that she “disagree[d]” with the “premise” of Doocy’s question and the “way [he] pose[d]” it. “Just for the record.”

The press secretary continued:

If you talk to – if you were to do your reporting and speak to the governor of Hawaii, the senators of Hawaii, the folks on the ground, they would say that the president reacted in record time when it came to dealing with the wildfires, when it came to dealing [sic] and making sure that they got everything that they need on the federal level, to deal with what was going on on the ground. 

“So, your question is wrong,” Jean-Pierre told Doocy. “It’s flawed in many many ways. And I would advise you to speak to the governor and the local and state officials in Hawaii.”

Biden provoked considerable backlash when he smilingly offered “no comment” in response to a reporter asking him about the deadly wildfire just after the tragedy first struck. 

When Biden toured the devastation in Hawaii nearly two weeks after the city of Lahaina burned to the ground, locals were caught on video chanting “f*** Joe Biden” as he walked down a street. “Here he comes after 13 days,” one person said as the president passed by. Another commented: “Wow, he’s finally here. Wow, yeah, thanks for nothing.”

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green and both of its U.S. Senators – Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono – are Democrats.

Green made headlines a few weeks ago when he blamed the fires on “global warming,” which he said is “very real for us and everywhere.” His assertions were echoed by national Democrats.

However, shortly thereafter, several climate and fire ecology experts debunked the Democrats’ claims, stating that the Hawaii wildfires were not caused by “global warming” or “climate change.”

Later, evidence emerged that seemed to connect the cause of the fires to the alleged negligence of Hawaiian Electric, the company that provided around 95% of the state’s power at the time the disaster struck. Public records revealed that the power giant has made recent donations to the campaigns of Hawaii Democrats who support so-called “green” policies.

Contrary to Jean-Pierre’s answer to Doocy’s question, Biden’s response to the fires has been extensively criticized, including by Hawaii politicians.

State Rep. Diamond Garcia, R-HI, said in a Monday interview with Newsmax, “What is sad to see is the slowness and the lack of federal response.”

He added, “Lots of local families are frustrated with the horrible federal response.”

When asked by the hosts why he thinks that is the case, Garcia replied, “We don’t know.”

“There are hundreds of locals who are saying, ‘We are American citizens.’ We’re not just a territory or a foreign country or a small island nation. We are the 50th state of the union. We deserve the help and support of the federal government, like all other 49 states.”

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