Ohio Issue 1 Fails by Wide Margin

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Ohio Issue 1 Fails by Wide Margin

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CV NEWS FEED // Ohio voters Tuesday rejected Issue 1 by a wide margin.

As CatholicVote explained last month, the defeated proposition would have changed the state’s “voting threshold for constitutional amendments to a 60/40 vote.”

The outcome of the special election, which had turnout described as “off the charts,” could have dire implications for November when Ohio is set to vote on an amendment that would make abortion in the state a “constitutional right.”

The Ohio constitution as it currently stands is among the easiest to amend in the country, even compared with some heavily Democratic states.

“Our constitution is so vulnerable to the fact that it could be changed every single election,” said CatholicVote Political Director and Logan Church, an Ohio resident, during a LOOPcast interview three weeks ago.

The “yes” campaign, which CatholicVote supported, faced an enormous fundraising disadvantage as pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU poured millions into the victorious “no” side.

Some media outlets called the race for the “no” less than a half hour after polls closed in the state at 7:30 pm ET.

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report said that he had “seen enough” to project the outcome at five minutes to eight.

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Decision Desk HQ made their call at 8:09 pm ET.

The New York Times waited until after 9 to officially project the race for “no.” Around that time, “no” led the vote count by 20 points, with just under half of the total in.

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