Denver Becomes Latest City to Award Millions to George Floyd Protesters

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CV NEWS FEED // Last week, Denver became the latest city to award a multi-million-dollar settlement to people who protested the 2020 death of George Floyd, following Philadelphia and New York. 

The Daily Caller reported Tuesday that Denver “will hand over nearly $5 million to protesters” following last week’s settlement of a class-action lawsuit “that alleged they were selectively targeted for violating curfew.”

The lawsuit, filed in November 2021 by seven protesters, alleged that more than 300 people were arrested for violating the curfew. The settlement awarded over $4.7 million to the protesters and promised that the city would not enforce future curfews against persons engaging in First Amendment activity.

CatholicVote reported in July that following a similar class-action lawsuit, New York City agreed to “pay a combined $13.7 million to people who protested the 2020 death of George Floyd.”

The city decided to settle in order to avoid a trial. The plaintiffs claimed that New York Police infringed upon their rights. 

Per the terms of the settlement, at least a thousand people are set to each receive up to just shy of ten thousand dollars in “compensation” from the city.

In the New York settlement, some protesters “who are eligible for payouts were arrested, while others were not arrested, but had their First Amendment rights infringed by police,” according to The Daily Wire.

In March, the City of Philadelphia agreed on the amount of $9.25 million to settle their own class-action suit. The sum was agreed to be “distributed among 343 plaintiffs in connection with police actions during the protests that erupted in” the western part of the city. 

Again, from CatholicVote’s previous reporting:

Nearly 10,000 people were arrested in the series of protests and riots that occurred in the immediate aftermath of Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020. The nationwide demonstrations caused almost two billion dollars in property damage. Rioters destroyed many black-owned businesses. After two weeks of protests, 19 people had been killed.

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