CatholicVote’s Favorite Babylon Bee Headlines

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CV News Feed // We know them, we love them, The Babylon Bee keeps us laughing by stating the obvious with a sarcastic wit sharp enough to keep up with the Catholic crowd of G.K. Chesterton, Mother Angelica, Flannery O’Connor, and other brilliant wordsmiths.

Here are some of CatholicVote’s favorite headlines of all time!

1. ‘Snow White’ Producers Circumvent Actors’ Strike By Casting 7 Random Hobos From San Francisco

2. Are You At a Nursing Home or the US Senate Chamber

3. Biden Makes Things Up to 7th Grandchild by Appointing Her Head of Ukrainian Shell Company

4. Ben Shapiro Delivers Scathing Barbie Review to Confused Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru Attendant

5. Being Against Crime Added to List of Things That Are Racist 

6. Authorities on Hunt for Arsonist Who Just Burned Down Three Presidential Campaigns

7. Roe v Wade Aborted in the 198th Trimester

8. Jesus Accused of Being a Christian Nationalist After Saying He’s Going to Establish His Kingdom Over the Whole Earth

9. Scientists Warn That Within 6 Months Humanity Will Run Out Of Things To Call Racist

10. Damning Leak Reveals Matt Walsh Knew What a Woman Was This Whole Time

11. Hollywood Confused By New Movie That Depicts Child Sex Trafficking As Bad

12. Megan Rapinoe Has Nightmare Of Winning A Medal And Having To Hear The U.S. Anthem Play

13. Gay Couple Presents Surrogate Mother With Gift of Beautiful Red Robe

14. White 12 Passenger Van Either Belongs To Kidnapper Or Nice Catholic Family

15. Gavin Newsom Can’t Understand How He Got Covid When All His Servants are Masked

16. Dylan Mulvaney Now Blackmailing Corporations by Threatening to Endorse Their Products

17. Are You A Woman? 12 Signs to Look For

18. Are You A Man? 12 Signs to Look For

19. Study Finds 100% of Men Would Eat Any Fruit Given to Them by a Naked Woman

20. Now That Affirmative Action is Illegal We at the Babylon Bee are Firing All Our Female Employees

21. With Pride Month Over Corporations Go Back to Regular Amount of Gay

22. Historians Now Claim Hitler Was Just Kidding When He Chanted ‘We’re Coming For The Jews’

23. Saint Anthony Asks God What He Did To Deserve An Eternity Of Looking For Everyone’s Car Keys

24. Family Torn Between Placing Grandpa In Hospice And Having Him Run For Senate

25. Teachers Worried Their Queer Students May Regress And Turn Straight Over Summer Break

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