Boston Mayor Bans Fossil Fuels in City Construction Work

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CV NEWS FEED // In the name of “climate change,” Boston is cracking down on fossil fuels in new and unprecedented ways.

Mayor Michelle Wu, D-MA, issued an executive order on July 31 prohibiting the use of fossil fuels for both the construction and renovation of buildings owned by the city.

In a press conference, Wu declared that her sweeping order was “a long time coming.” She continued, “It is dealing with what is fully within the city’s control in terms of public buildings that will be newly built or undergoing a major reconstruction and renovation, and committing that they will be fossil-fuel free.”

In attempting to explain the controversial measure, the mayor said:

Week after week, we see the signs of extreme heat, storms, and flooding that remind us of a closing window to take climate action. The benefits of embracing fossil fuel-free infrastructure in our City hold no boundary across industries and communities, and Boston will continue using every possible tool to build the green, clean, healthy, and prosperous future our city deserves.

Oliver Sellers-Garcia, who serves in the Wu administration as Boston’s first-ever Green New Deal Director, agreed. “As part of the Green New Deal for Boston, we are taking an all-of-government approach, finding ways for our Cabinets and departments to play a role in climate action,” he said.

Chicago’s far-left Mayor Brandon Johnson praised the move. Wu has also announced plans to expand her fossil fuel ban to the construction of private residential homes and apartment buildings in the city.

Wu is a self-professed “progressive” who campaigned on so-called “climate justice.” While delivering her victory speech in November 2021, she said that Boston was “ready to become a Green New Deal city.”

The mayor is also known for keeping an “enemies list” reminiscent of the one infamously compiled by the Nixon administration.

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