Pro-Life Diaper Maker Provides Parents With Healthier Alternative

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Rather than donating to organizations that support abortion like some mainstream diaper makers, the new EveryLife diaper brand supports its customer base by donating to pro-life organizations. 

EveryLife debuted on July 13 as an alternative diaper option to mainstream liberal diaper brands. 

Launched by Public Square, an app that provides an online marketplace for people to buy products from “values-aligned businesses” instead of woke companies, EveryLife offers parents the option to buy diapers from a company that aligns with their values and that directly funds pro-life initiatives.

EveryLife was begun because its founders “were disheartened to learn that many in this industry financially support organizations who destroy innocent life.”

Michael Seifert, the founder and CEO of Public Square, which last month announced it would give a “$5,000 baby bonus” to any of its employees who are having or adopting a baby, tweeted that popular diaper brands such Pampers and Huggies support abortion. 

“Baby brands supporting abortion. It’s insane,” Seifert tweeted.  

Huggies, for example, claims to be “dedicated to furthering women’s and newborns’ health research, education, and advocacy.” But one way Huggies does that is by donating to the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, an organization that signed onto a joint statement with nine other “maternal health specialists” critical of the Supreme Court’s June 2022 decision overturning Roe v. Wade, insisting that “abortion is an essential part of reproductive health care.”

EveryLife was launched as a brand that celebrates life while at the same time providing the best quality diaper for growing babies.

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Many parents appear to appreciate the pro-life option, among them professional surfer Bethany Hamilton.

Hamilton, who just welcomed her fourth child, posted on Twitter a video of her using EveryLife products for her daughter. Hamilton wrote: “Choosing who and what we support day to day sends a message and matters. So with all the diapers our family uses, it makes sense to support a company that upholds the values that I cherish.” 

EveryLife says on its website that a portion of its proceeds go directly to Live Action, a pro-life nonprofit group that advocates for the unborn.

In addition, EveryLife also provides an avenue for supporters who may not have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews to support babies through EveryLife’s “Buy for a Cause” bundle.

When a customer purchases a “Buy for a Cause” bundle, diapers and wipes go directly toward a family in need that has “made the courageous decision to embrace parenthood” either through Live Action or Save the Stork, a pro-life organization that provides ultrasounds and other pregnancy resources by traveling around the country in mobile facilities called “stork buses.”

While the brand’s pro-life message appeals to many parents, reviews on the company’s website show the parents are also choosing the diapers for their clean, nontoxic materials.

EveryLife’s goal is not only to be a pro-life diaper brand, but also to create products “without phthalates, parabens, dyes, fragrances, lotions, latex and hundreds of other ingredients that can be harmful to baby’s developing brain and body.”

Based on reviews, parents are grateful for EveryLife’s pro-life commitment and approach to producing diapers that are safe for babies. 

One parent wrote, “I have tried all of the low-toxin diaper brands trying to find my favorite and the search is over. These diapers are by far the most absorbent, while being low-profile. Not to mention I know I’m supporting a company that matches my morals and values.”

Another parent said, “I like that they are not offering to kill their clientele! … Thank you for a clean product that delivers on every level!” 

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