Americans Need to Wake Up and Take Country Back From Communist Left, Retired Marine Says

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“The communist has shifted the language to make you accept his political program and invented new terms to conceal the horrors he wishes to unleash on you and your family,” retired U.S. Marine Jesse Kelly writes in his new book about the Left in America, the “Anti-Communist Manifesto.” 

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts interviewed Kelly, host of a conservative radio show called “The Jesse Kelly Show,” during Roberts’ weekly podcast show

Kelly told Roberts that communists in the U.S. seek to silence Americans through fear by “building verbal fences” around them. 

“Even if you can say this today, you can’t say it tomorrow,” Kelly told Roberts, because they manipulate language and trap you with it “until you find yourself in a tiny little box, unable to say anything, afraid to say anything.”

“The challenge of our time is normal people—waking them up,” Kelly said. 

Lies and an ‘Apathetic Public’

It’s not just fear communists rely on to take over a society but “lies” and an “apathetic public,” too, said Kelly. 

“You can see this across the Democrat Party with every single issue. They lie about everything” because they want to hide their “true motivation.”

They have no moral qualms about lying because they have no morality, but they know we do, he said. 

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“Because of that, [a communist] understands he can use my morality against me and I can never use any kind of morality against him because he doesn’t have any. It’s why our traditional way of attacking them—of pointing out their hypocrisy—it’s completely useless,” he continued. 

Unfortunately, most people remain “apathetic” to the small shifts toward the left occurring in American society until it is right in front of their faces. Once they see it, Americans become outraged about drag queen story hours for kids or pornographic books in their local school libraries, Kelly said. 

They begin to ask, “‘How did that happen?’ Well it happened because they seized a choke point in the city government” and placed a “malcontent” there. 

Exploiting Society Through ‘Malcontents’ 

To gain a foothold in a country, communists “find the malcontents, … recruit them, and use their anger and bitterness to burn down society,” Kelly said. 

They did this in Russia through the “urban poor,” in China through the “rural poor,” and in the USA through the civil rights movement to “climate change nutters” to “all this LGBTQ stuff,” he said. 

“Just find one angry, nasty feminist and put her in an H.R. department, and she will filter everything from there. The hiring, the firing, the training. She will slowly let her cancer spread throughout your company.” 

This is what happened to Disney, “Sesame Street,” and other popular businesses, Kelly said. 

Focus on Local Communities

To fix the problem, one needs to “put America out of your mind” and focus on local communities rather than just the national picture, Kelly said. 

Nobody is “paying any attention to our city council, to our school boards, the filth that’s being taught in schools … because we have this savior complex on the right where we think if we just win this presidential election or if the House can do this or the Senate can do that, it’ll make everything right.”

While these things do matter, “does it matter even a fraction as much as seizing our local communities back?”

Everyday Americans need to take action.”That’s what terrifies them the most,” he stated. “Normal people running for school board, running for city council, running for state rep. That’s what we can win. Forget about Washington.” 

In the Montgomery County, Maryland, Public Schools, parents did just that when they demanded the school district respect their right to opt their children out of an LGBTQ curriculum. 

The reality is a communist “drives by the public library and he sees an opportunity. He sees an opportunity to control what you read, to go after your children—who he wants to steal from you.”

You have to teach your children morality and why you believe what you believe so that when they encounter these things, they know right from wrong and why they are right and wrong, Kelly told Roberts. 

You can even “talk to your eight-year-old about why you should secure a border,” Kelly said. “That’s not something that has to be out of bounds. I promise you, your kid’s lesbian kindergarten teacher is going to talk to them about the border. Are you going to let her take over everything? No, of course you’re not.”

While Americans start to take back their local communities, they need to recognize that the country is not going to be fixed overnight, he warned. 

“It took the communists 100 years to march through your institutions. It will take us 100 years to take them back. Don’t think that this is all going to change with this election or next year,” Kelly said. 

But there is hope. “We are winning a lot. You may not see it nationally. You probably won’t see it nationally, but … we have great things happening in this country now.”

You can listen to more of Jesse Kelly on “The Kevin Roberts Show” here.

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