Top Ten Catholic Dad Jokes

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  1. What is the most Catholic fried chicken chain?

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  1. How did St. Paul’s former career teach him to be so fired up?

Because he was in tents.

  1. What was papal infallibility called when St. Peter was pope?

Simon Says.

  1. What do you call it when you’re racing to get to Mass on time?

A steeplechase.

  1. Who is the patron saint of angry people?

St. John of the Cross.

  1. Who is the patron saint of obscure crayon colors?

St. Catherine of Burnt Siena.

  1. What was the first thing Cain said after killing Abel?

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry, you’re okay, please don’t tell Mom!”

  1. What state produces the most saints?

The state of grace.

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  1. What did the taxidermist say in Confession?

“Bless me Father, for I have skinned.”

  1. Where did Judas shop for groceries?

Traitor Joe’s.

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