Singer Lovato Rants About Losing Unrestricted Abortion in Profanity-Laced ‘Swine’

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Warning: This article contains language that could be offensive to some readers.

While pro-lifers celebrate the first anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, singer-songwriter Demi Lovato’s new song “Swine” epitomizes leftists’ fear of, and fury at, a growing pro-life America.

On Thursday, Lovato—perhaps best known among Generation Z for her lead role in the 2008 Disney movie “Camp Rock”—released a single laced with “F-bombs” and other obscenities.

The song protests women supposedly losing the right to abortion on demand ahead of the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, Lovato wrote in a Twitter post. 

In 1973, Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide, but a year ago on June 24, 2022, the high court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe and returned the issue of regulating abortion to the American people through “their elected representatives … in the States or Congress.”

Since the Supreme Court’s decision and the leak of the decision seven weeks earlier in May of 2022, pro-lifers—especially pregnancy resource centers and churches—have been vandalized all over the country by violent leftist groups such as Jane’s Revenge. The attacks have also taken the form of beating up elderly pro-life men and treating pro-lifers as domestic terrorists.  

In the lyrics of “Swine,” Lovato appears to be calling on pro-choicers and abortionists to continue the attacks: “Give those motherf****** hell.”

In the Twitter post Thursday, Lovato doesn’t mention her call to continue the violent attacks, but says she wants to “to amplify the voices of those who advocate for choice and bodily autonomy.” 

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Among those “voices,” Lovato includes those of “birthing people” instead of the term for the only people who can give birth—biological women.

In a recent interview with NBC’s “Today” show, Lovato explained that because she felt she was neither a woman nor a man, she used “they/them” pronouns. However, she now feels more like a woman, her biological sex, and is using female pronouns again.  

Lovato uses her rediscovered womanhood in “Swine.”

At one point In the song, Lovato complains about the responsibilities of being a mother. She writes: “We gotta grow ’em, we gotta raise ’em, we gotta feed and bathe ’em.” Lovato, 30, is unmarried and doesn’t have any children. 

But she wants unrestricted sex with no consequences, so she vulgarly complains about wanting to “f*** whoever the f*** I want.” 

Lovato complains that the main thing supposedly preventing her from doing that is a government that tells her it knows her body better than she does.

In the second stanza, Lovato likens abortion to religion and seems to imply that abortion is her religion: “Picture your faith, imagine your God and even your Holy Bible/Is suddenly banned, do you understand?” 

She appears to be saying that since abortion is her religion, her religious right to have an abortion on demand is being stripped away by the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision. 

Lovato acknowledges that abortion goes against the Bible, but says she can’t live without abortion: “It’s your book, but it’s my survival.” 

That’s followed by the chorus: “My life, my voice/My rights, my choice/It’s mine, or I’m just swine.” 

Lovato in effect dismisses the rights of the unborn child, which is what pro-lifers are celebrating and continuing to fight for on Saturday’s anniversary of Dobbs.

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