Planned Parenthood Banned From Canadian Province’s Schools Over ‘Sex: From A-Z’ Cards

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Is this what Planned Parenthood means when it says it provides more than just abortions?

Planned Parenthood of Regina, Saskatchewan, in Canada brought “SEX: From A-Z” sexual topics cards to ninth graders there last week as part of a presentation about sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and more.

The sexually graphic cards had not been approved and got the organization banned from the province’s schools.

Each of the 26 cards in the pack, one for each letter of the alphabet, details an explicit sexual term. Some of the terms defined included bodily-excrement fetishes, various sex acts and positions, and even sexual attraction to one’s television (“cathodillia”). The cards have cartoonlike illustrations on the front and definitions on the back. 

The original PDF of the sex cards has since been deleted, but you can access an archived copy here.

Illustrations of sexual topics from the cards Planned Parenthood brought to Lumsden High School in Saskatchewan, Canada, last week. (Photo: AIDS Committee of Toronto)

Some definitions go so far as to encourage partaking in the explained act. “There’s plenty of porn out there, all you have to do is find it,” reads the card explaining X-rated pornography.

According to an informational page attached to the front of the cards, they are meant to be played as a game, with one player trying to guess the sex term based on the cartoon, and the other seeing whether they get it right.

“‘SEX: From A-Z’ is a set of cards intended for gay, [bisexual] and queer young people. This is a fun and accessible resource that facilitates humorous and frank discussion among young people about sexuality and HIV and [sexually transmitted infection] prevention. It can also be used by service providers as a discussion tool in workshops and training sessions,” according to the AIDS Committee of Toronto.

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While Planned Parenthood Regina’s presenters did not directly hand out the cards to the students of Lumsden High School, they brought them to the presentation, and one student obtained a set of the cards. 

Saskatchewan’s education minister, Dustin Duncan, subsequently suspended the abortion giant from presenting in the province’s schools. He also ordered his department to review documents pertaining to the curriculum, making sure it is age-appropriate.

Planned Parenthood Regina issued a statement on its social media accounts, stating that the cards were a resource not approved by the school and somehow ended up in the hands of the student.

In its statement, Planned Parenthood Regina implies that providing LGBTQ youth with access to the cards, including ones that explain auto-fellatio and urophilia, is something that could “prevent serious mental health crisis, including suicide … .”

The Daily Signal reached out to Planned Parenthood Regina to ask why it brought the cards if they were not approved and how the student got a hold of the cards. It didn’t respond by the time of publication.

The Daily Signal also reached out to the office of Lumsden High School to ask about the nature of the event for which it invited Planned Parenthood to the school. School officials likewise didn’t respond.

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