Matt Gaetz: FBI Tries to ‘Placate the Mob’ With Agents Kneeling at BLM Rallies

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Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., said FBI agents appeared to try to “placate the mob” when agents were seen kneeling during the 2020 Black Lives Matter rallies–some of which turned into riots. 

“In the late spring and early summer of 2020, a nationwide series of violent riots swept across the United States, causing millions of dollars in property damage. These coordinated riots also involved the violent assault on numerous law enforcement personnel,” Gaetz wrote in a letter Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray

The Daily Signal first reported in April that at least two FBI agents were promoted to higher jobs after kneeling at Black Lives Matter events in Washington, D.C.

The Gaetz letter notes that BLM rioters in May 2020 threw rocks, urine, and alcohol at United States Secret Service Agents, injuring over 60 of them, while some scaled the barriers to the White House and Department of the Treasury complex.

“This shameful and unprecedented violence took place over several days, and included the arson attack on St. John’s Episcopal Church adjacent to the White House. During these events, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) personnel were quite literally ‘on the line’ defending our nation’s Capitol in an attack that has not been surpassed since in either its scope or violence,” Gaetz wrote. 

“Perhaps in an effort to placate the mob, on June 4, 2020, at least six alleged FBI agents were filmed kneeling in supplication,” he continued. “Attached is a photograph believed to be Sarah Linden, expressing her support for these seditious riots that caused so much destruction.”

Gaetz is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, which has oversight of the Justice Department and FBI.

He went onto ask five questions about Linden’s position with the FBI and if any actions were taken in response to her kneeling.

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In response to an inquiry, an FBI spokesperson told The Daily Signal, “The FBI received the letter. While we cannot comment on specific personnel matters, promotions in the FBI are competitive and based on merit.”

The questions Gaetz letter askes were: 

(1) What positions does Sarah Linden hold within the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

(2) Is Sarah Linden currently the Acting Special Agent in Charge for the Criminal Division within the Washington Field Office? If so, when did this position become effective?

(3) Is the attached photograph a photograph of Sarah Linden?

(4) Was the FBI aware that Sarah Linden had expressed support for the attacks on FBI and other federal personnel when it effectuated this promotion?

(5) What policies or procedures does the FBI have in place to ensure that individuals, like Sarah Linden, who express support for organizations and movements that seek the violent overthrow of the United States government are not promoted?

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