He Went Undercover to Expose ‘Rubber-Stamping’ of Trans Surgeries

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After just a 22-minute phone call, an undercover reporter posing as a transgender-identifying patient allegedly received a letter of support for the removal of his testicles.

Gregg Re, formerly a producer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” who now works for Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire, allegedly used the fake legal name “Chelsea Bussey” on his intake form with Plume Clinic. The clinic boasts about providing “gender-affirming health care for trans and nonbinary people,” over its patients’ phones.

Without even attempting to pass as a woman, Re obtained a letter of approval from Plume, according to Walsh — a letter necessary for insurance companies to cover the medical expenses for this procedure (Plume did not respond to requests for comment from The Daily Signal).

The Daily Wire is highlighting that Walsh’s and Re’s joint exposé raises questions about the standards of care employed by “gender-affirming care” practitioners as well as the insurance approval process, warning that there’s “big money” behind the processes for obtaining trans surgeries.

Walsh posted video footage showing Re in an apparent FaceTime video interview with an alleged nurse practitioner, whose name and photograph are blurred out for privacy reasons. Though Re stated he had never experienced gender dysphoria for six months or more (meaning, under the current version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, that he doesn’t have gender dysphoria), Plume allegedly scheduled him for a video interview, anyway.

“He didn’t even attempt to pass,” Walsh said. “He badly mispronounced the name of the surgery he wanted. He made it clear he didn’t know what effect the surgery would have. Nevertheless, Plume’s nurse practitioner said she wanted to write the most ‘solid’ letter possible to justify surgery. Gregg tells her that he once wrote an essay in school about being a woman, which everyone thought was ridiculous.”

“Gregg also tells Plume’s nurse practitioner that his father has been prescribing him hormones for years,” Walsh continued. “The nurse doesn’t question this in any way. Instead, she says that arrangement is ‘perfect.’”

After three days, according to Walsh, Re’s alias Chelsea Bussey received a letter stating that he was experiencing “significant, ongoing gender dysphoria” and recommending him for testicle removal. The letter notes that since Plume operates on a virtual basis, for a “pre-operative risk assessment or for post-operative care, patients will need to see their primary care provider or surgeon.”

When Re followed up to ask why he had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, according to Walsh, Plume allegedly admitted that they used letter templates that had been provided to them by The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

WPATH did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“I know we write letters based on WPATH templates, but I can ask your provider if it is necessary to have it, and if not perhaps it can be removed,” a Plume care coordinator allegedly said.

But Walsh said that Re would later be told by the Plume nurse practitioner that “in order for the surgery to be paid for,” the dysphoria diagnosis would need to remain in place.

“At the same time, the nurse appeared confused as to why ‘Chelsea Bussey’ had requested testicle removal in the first place,” Walsh added.

Walsh also highlighted that the transgender telehealth service, Folx Health, said the group “instructs patients that even if they don’t ‘fit’ the definition of gender dysphoria, the diagnosis is ‘needed’ so that insurers pay out.” Folx advertises that “it’s quite possible patients will receive a letter indicating that they have a gender dysphoria diagnosis even if they don’t actually have gender dysphoria, Walsh said.

“This scam is the cutting-edge of ‘trans healthcare,’” the Daily Wire host said. “After launching just a couple of years ago, Plume now operates in 41 states. Folx is in 47 states. How is it possible they’ve expanded so quickly?”

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