‘God Save the Queen, Man.’ With Biden, Talk of 25th Amendment Is Muted

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Who decides a president’s fitness for office?

We, the people, do.

Or, at least that’s how our republican system of government is supposed to work. In the past few years, however, that idea has been seriously challenged.

President Joe Biden delivered a speech at the National Safer Communities Summit at the University of Hartford in Connecticut on Friday. He ended with the bizarre statement, “Alright. God save the queen, man.”

That quote is in the official White House transcript, hilariously enough. It received considerable online mockery and immediate media “contextualizing.” He’s used this phrase in inappropriate moments before, they say, as though that makes it OK now.

Let’s break this quote down just a bit. First, Britain’s long-serving Queen Elizabeth II has been dead for more than nine months now, so Biden’s a bit late on that front if she’s the queen he’s referring to. 

Maybe he meant God save the drag queens?

Second, Biden wasn’t speaking in London, he was in Connecticut, one of the original 13 Colonies to declare independence from England. Biden’s speech was about gun control. Was this some kind of coded message that he’s really a neo-Tory ready to finish the job the British army couldn’t pull off in 1776?

Who knows, but it certainly could be another sign that the president is experiencing serious, and obvious, mental decline. This is hardly the first time Biden has said something strange in a public setting.

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Biden’s weird “joke” wasn’t even the first head-scratching moment in Friday’s speech. 

Can you decipher what he’s attempting to explain here? It’s hard to make anything of this word salad:

We expect Biden to speak to other world leaders and operate competently in war and peace. Oh, but how dare you question his acuity and notice something’s amiss?

“Biden’s quirky aphorisms are sometimes weaponized by Republicans to insinuate the 80-year-old president is in mental decline,” read an Axios report following Biden’s speech. “But Biden has been using unique phrases for years — but even some of his aides aren’t exactly sure what he means by them.”

The gall of those Republicans using Biden’s incoherent quips against him! Neither Axios nor Biden’s advisers can figure out what the president is saying, but whatever, it’s just “Biden being Biden.”

What a convenient excuse. So, let’s take a little trip back in time.

During the pandemic in 2020, there were countless stories about President Donald Trump’s health. They were quick to tell us that Trump carefully walking down a ramp “actually matters” and could be a sign of deteriorating health. Maybe Biden should have taken notes.

It got dumber. Health experts were trotted out to prove the point. Some speculated that Trump was suffering from neuropathy because of how he was drinking water.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., sponsored legislation to make it easier to remove a president from office over health concerns. It was a constitutionally dubious measure that entirely disappeared from the legislative docket once Biden was elected.

There were even more aggressive and ridiculous attacks on Trump’s mental health earlier in his presidency.

From almost the moment Trump was elected, the media promoted various mental health experts—among them Dr. Bandy X. Lee, a professor of psychiatry at Yale University, who made completely unsubstantiated claims that Trump was a deranged psychopath who needed to be removed from office via the 25th Amendment.

Lee later tweeted that Trump was literally worse than Hitler. Ah, the wisdom that pours out of the modern academy. What would we do without their guidance?

The idea of using the 25th Amendment to suddenly remove a president was mostly based on nonsense. Still, if what we saw from Trump created some reason to invoke the 25th, why haven’t the experts come back out to promote it now?

The 25th Amendment flowed from the desire of the ruling class to implement bureaucratic Caesarism in the name of saving “democracy.” The Constitution and the “norms” never really mattered. Any suggestion of using it is off the table now that Biden is in office and still helping the Left. The “Big Guy” is in office, and their ideological allies run the show. The health “experts” are suddenly missing in action and have nothing to say.

The deeper problem we face is not simply that Biden is declining. Nor is it the media’s bias and hypocrisy. No, it’s how the Left has “weaponized” the expert class and our country’s most powerful institutions to carry out its ideological crusades.

The machinery that went into action to shove Trump aside now works relentlessly to prop Biden up, in some cases literally.

Any suggestion that Biden might be physically and mentally unfit to serve, we are now told, is ageist and hateful, an example of Republican “weaponization” of his appearance and public statements.

Maybe the latest Bidenism is more of an ominous foreshadowing that we are passing from one form of tyranny to another. Don’t ask questions, nor pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. Trust the experts. God save the queen, man.

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