‘George Soros Is a Destructive Civilizational Force,’ Co-Founder of ‘Jews Against Soros’ Says

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Two conservative activists on Wednesday launched “Jews Against Soros,” a Jewish coalition against leftist billionaire George Soros

The leaders of the coalition Josh Hammer, the senior editor at large of Newsweek, and Will Scharf, a candidate for attorney general of Missouri, say opposing Soros is not antisemitic. 

“George Soros is a destructive civilizational force in America, Israel, his native Hungary, and throughout the West more generally,” Hammer told The Daily Signal in a statement. “Far too many elected officials who criticize his dastardly influence, and perhaps especially his sprawling network of “progressive prosecutors,” are dishonestly tarred as “antisemites” for doing so.”

“Enough. This gaslighting must end, and we hope to help do so,” Hammer said.

The American Jewish Committee refers to Soros as having been “born Jewish.” He is a businessman and philanthropist who has given billions away in support of left-wing causes. Today, he is estimated to be worth $6.7 billion. 

“Jews Against Soros will fight back against the common left-wing smear that opposition to Soros and his sprawling network of political organizations is antisemitic,” a Wednesday press release said. “Attacking Soros for his influence on American politics, to say nothing of his nefarious agenda in Israel itself, isn’t antisemitic.”

“It is simply a fact that Soros funds a huge proportion of the radical Left in this country. And he must be stopped,” the press release added.

Hammer and Scharf said the new group Jews Against Soros exists to stand against the work of the leftist philanthropist. 

The group’s website says:

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We are Jews who have had enough of George Soros and his malign, leftist influence on American politics. We are Jews who are also sick and tired of the Left accusing anyone who criticizes Soros of being antisemitic.

Let us be very clear: There is nothing antisemitic about condemning George Soros. There is nothing antisemitic about identifying the many ways that George Soros and his network of organizations fund the radical Left.

The website also says, “Leftism isn’t Judaism, and being anti-leftist is not the same as being Antisemitic. Period. It’s time for Jews all over America to stand up against George Soros.”

George Soros did not immediately respond to The Daily Signal’s request for comment.

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