CatholicVote’s Ideas for the Best Father’s Day Gifts

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CV NEWS FEED // Father’s day is fast approaching – are you still looking for that perfect gift? CatholicVote asked the fathers on staff (or staff-adjacent) to share the best presents they have received, and compiled their answers to share with you!

Joshua M. responded that whiskey, meats, and books about war are his favorite gifts. CatholicVote recommends beef jerky as one of the best Dad gifts. This long-lasting snack is perfect for a work-day break, a trail snack, or in between casts of the fishing pole! For our history-loving dads, CatholicVote recommends The Civil War Trilogy by Michael and Jeff Shraa, Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, or Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas.

Socks are normally not the most exciting presents, however, Jon K. loved the socks his family bought him. They were specially ordered to feature pictures of his kids! Click here to design your dad some cozy personalized footwear to make his father’s day both memorable and fashionable. 

“Sleep restores the tired limbs to labor, refreshes the weary mind, and banishes sorrow” the Summa Theologica states. Being a father is hard work, and often consists of late nights and early mornings. Todd A. said that his favorite father’s day gift was a nap! This is a perfect way to show your busy dad how much he means to you.

The Field Guide to Manhood comes to us from the Barbosal shaving company. Recommended by Shane S., this book contains secret knowledge passed on from man to man. Chapter headings include: 

  • “Frying things,” 
  • “Logs and Making them Smaller,” 
  • “Acceptable Lamps,” 
  • and “Why a Man Doesn’t Run Down a Freeway Chasing a Tarp.”  

It is sure to make your Dad laugh, and maybe help him expand his masculine expertise.

We’d love to hear from you! What are your go-to father’s day gifts for the guys in your life?

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