Biden’s Open Border Policies Are Killing Innocent Americans and Aliens Alike

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Customs and Border Protection encountered over 275,000 illegal aliens crossing our borders nationwide in April alone, setting a distressing precedent for increased illegal entries under the Biden administration. While the majority of illegal aliens seek a better life, the undeniable link between increasing illegal immigration and crime poses a significant threat to American communities.

President Joe Biden’s decision to grant mass parole for millions of aliens, allowing them to remain illegally in the United States, only amplifies the devastating effects of increased illegal immigration on our society.

Since Biden took office, over 6.2 million illegal aliens have been encountered at the nation’s borders, and over 2 million of them have been released into the nation’s interior. A considerable number of them have engaged in criminal activities once they settled.

In 2023 alone, Border Patrol agents have encountered thousands of illegal aliens with prior criminal convictions, including assault, rape, and murder. The true extent of crimes committed by illegal aliens remains unknown because there are also over 1.5 million unaccounted-for “gotaways” since Biden’s term began.

A 2021 Department of Justice report revealed that 64% of federal arrests in 2018 involved noncitizens, despite them comprising only 7% of the population at that time. While the Biden administration fails to provide continuous updates on illegal alien crime data, Texas’ Department of Public Safety maintains a running database of such incidents. Other states should follow suit.

Several chilling examples underscore the urgency of the situation. Alexis Saborit, an illegal alien from Cuba with a history of violence, beheaded his girlfriend with a machete in July 2021.

In April of this year, Francisco Oropeza, deported four times in the last 14 years, was accused of gunning down five Honduran immigrants in Cleveland, Texas—including an innocent 8-year-old.

In February, Bryan Marquez, who had deportation orders but was still in the United States, brutally murdered his roommate by beating him. He was charged with first-degree murder.

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In January, Jose Hernandez faced five counts of indecency with a minor after allegedly sexually assaulting a young child multiple times.

And in March of last year, Jean Macean, an illegal alien who posed as an unaccompanied minor, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after allegedly murdering a Daytona Beach couple. Macean had previous arrests related to drug charges, which were dropped due to the soft-on-crime predilections of George Soros-backed Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala.

The Left advocates for soft-on-crime prosecutors who are backed by Soros’ funds and for sanctuary cities, but this is a deadly combination. As long as sanctuary cities shield criminal illegal aliens from deportation and leftist prosecutors are appointed to promote ideologically “woke” crime policies based on what the Left perceives as “fairness,” the persistence of heinous crimes like these will endure. 

Clearly, Biden’s current border policies are not working. The irony here is that his presidential platform, which was seemingly sympathetic towards migrants, is also killing them.

For example, 38 illegal aliens were killed after a fire broke out in an immigrant holding facility south of the border, and over 850 illegal aliens died while trying to traverse rough Southwestern terrain into the U.S. last year. And those numbers don’t include the thousands who are beaten, abused, and sex trafficked by human smugglers as they try to get into the U.S.

The 850 deaths in 2022 alone represent a staggering 24% surge compared to the peak figures under the Trump administration and a significant 58% jump from the Obama administration. These statistics demonstrate the absence of safety and order resulting from Biden’s border surge, and they contradict the claim of a “humane” immigration policy advocated by the Left.

Illegal aliens with criminal histories and those who commit crimes within our borders pose a threat to the safety and security of American communities. Cities with high crime rates, particularly sanctuary cities, witness the immediate impact of this situation. If left unaddressed, this issue will eventually affect all states, effectively turning every state into a border state. 

Left-wing prosecutors backed by Soros favor a soft-on-crime overhaul of the justice system, allowing criminals to walk free and recidivism rates to skyrocket. These policies, along with the inadequate border policies of this current administration, endanger American communities as criminal illegal aliens flock to regions that indulge their conduct.  

To protect American communities, urgent and decisive action is imperative. Robust measures must be implemented, including border strengthening, increased border enforcement, thorough vetting processes for all border crossers, detainment instead of release for apprehended illegal aliens, and swift deportation of those without credible asylum claims.

Equally important is the need for prosecutors who prioritize the rule of law and the safety of U.S. citizens. It is high time for the Biden administration to take the appropriate steps to secure our nation’s borders, safeguard our communities, and restore faith in the justice system.

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