60 Companies That Are Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month More Quietly

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After Target stores and the Bud Light beer brand faced public criticism for loudly promoting “LGBTQ Pride Month,” The Daily Signal was curious how other well-known companies and brands are participating.

Last year, Twitter, Facebook, and other companies made public announcements in press releases, blogs, or other digital posts about how they were marking Pride Month.

This year, many of the same giant brands went relatively silent. 

As many companies quietly promote Pride Month to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or “queer” individuals and groups, The Daily Signal compiled a list of 60 well-known companies and what they’re doing. 

Here it is, in no particular order, although some competitors are grouped together. 

  1. Amazon: At its headquarters, Amazon.com Inc. continues to fly the rainbow “Pride” flag in addition to sponsoring and supporting LGBTQ merchandise, film, books, and other entertainment. 
  2. Google: This year, the Google Assistant software app can share LGBTQ stories, Google Play includes LGBTQ books and games, and Ballroom in Focus, Google’s latest LGBTQ initiative, features the history of Ballroom, an “underground” black and Latino LGBTQ group. 
  3. Microsoft: The giant technology corporation open-sourced its “Pride” designs and donated to LGBTQ organizations such as the Trevor Project,  which describes itself as devoted to preventing suicide among LGBTQ individuals.
  4. Xbox: Microsoft’s gaming brand is following its parent’s lead by making available LGBTQ and nonbinary game collections as well as making the Microsoft-designed Xbox Pride controller available beyond June. 
  5. Apple: Before the LGBTQ moves by Target and Bud Light awakened some sleeping conservatives, Apple Inc. announced creation of a “Pride” design for the Apple Watch and “Pride”-themed “wallpaper” for Apple devices. 
  6. Adobe: Although Adobe Inc. hasn’t announced specific plans to celebrate Pride Month this year, it began celebrating the international LGBTQ movement in February.
  7. Airbnb: In a May 24 blog post, Airbnb Inc. announced its support of Pride Month by highlighting international cities with the highest percentage of hosts who use “inclusive language.” The winner? New York City. 
  8. Disney: To celebrate Pride Month, the Walt Disney Co. designed a 2023 “Pride” collection, released new LGBTQ entertainment on its streaming platform Disney+, and created the first Pride Nite among its “Disneyland After Dark” events. 
  9. PBS: This month, the taxpayer-supported Public Broadcasting Service is showing three new documentaries on past and present LGBTQ activists, in addition to showing previous “Pride”-themed shows. 
  10. DC Comics: Like last year, the comic book publisher responsible for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more superheroes says it will produce LGBTQ characters for its “DC Pride 2023” initiative. 
  11. Pinterest: Through its “Pride and Progress” initiative, the social media platform is showcasing LGBTQ individuals. 
  12. TikTok: This year, the controversial, Chinese-owned social media platform announced its “LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices List,” which features famous LGBTQ TikTok creators. 
  13. Tinder: To make identifying LGBTQ members on its platform easier, the dating app implemented a “My First Pride” badge as a profile option.
  14. Netflix: Despite its public silence, the popular streaming platform continues to have a section devoted to LGBTQ entertainment.
  15. HBO Max: Like other streaming platforms, HBO Max is promoting a line of LGBTQ releases for the month of June.
  16. Walmart: The retail giant has remained silent publicly about its “Pride” collection, which it continues to feature in stores. 
  17. Dicks: In addition to participating in “Pride” parades and offering “pronoun training” for employees, the retail sporting goods chain is showcasing a “Pride” collection. 
  18. Nike: The official Nike Inc. “Pride” webpage highlights the sports footwear and apparel brand’s “Be True” collection, created by “trans man and artist Xavier Schipani to illustrate the euphoric feeling and joy of being free to express who you are.”
  19. Adidas: Not to be outdone by its competitor, Adidas AG early on announced Rich Mnisi, a self-identified queer South African, as the designer of its 2023 “Pride” collection, dubbed “Let Love Be Your Legacy.” 
  20. Under Armour: With the banner “United We Win,” the sportswear company highlighted its latest “Pride” collection designed by LGBTQ activists. 
  21. Nissan: In May, Nissan Motor Corp. announced its plans to celebrate Pride Month by supporting its LGBTQ employee resource group and participating in related festivals and parades. 
  22. General Motors: In addition to flying the “Pride” flag, the automaker celebrates Pride Month by supporting LGBTQ employees and donating to LGBTQ organizations such as the Trevor Project. 
  23. Bank of America: On its “Pride” webpage, Bank of America Corp. showcases support for LGBTQ individuals and organizations. 
  24. Ally: All year long, Ally Financial Inc. says, it celebrates LGBTQ individuals and groups by participating in “Pride” festivals and supporting multiple organizations. 
  25. AT&T: Since April, AT&T Inc. has been celebrating Pride Month with its “Turn Up the Love” concert tour featuring LGBTQ music artists. 
  26. Ikea: All proceeds from sales of a large Ikea shopping bag with a rainbow design will go to an organization devoted to supporting homeless LGBTQ individuals. 
  27. Kohl’s: Besides its “Pride” collection, Kohl’s Corp. plans to donate $100,000 to the Trevor Project. 
  28. North Face: Despite receiving criticism for doing so, this outdoor apparel company continues its “Summer of Pride” and features a “Pride” collection on its website. 
  29. Macy’s: The department store chain announced its gender-neutral clothing line designed by The Phluid Project, which specializes in creating such clothes. 
  30. Coach: For over 10 years, the purse and accessories brand says, it has supported LGBTQ influencers. This year, it features a “Pride” collection on its website. 
  31. Gap: On its website, Gap Inc. features a “Pride” collection, but hasn’t publicly endorsed Pride Month.
  32. Old Navy: Like its parent Gap, Old Navy has not announced support for Pride Month but continues to showcase a “Pride” collection on its website. 
  33. American Eagle: The clothing brand teamed up with Olivia Ponton, who identifies as bisexual, to create a new “Pride” line.
  34. H&M: The Swedish clothing company announced its support for Pride Month in a blog post highlighting an LGBTQ family. 
  35. Levi’s: Levi Strauss & Co. released a gender-neutral clothing collection and spotlights six LGBTQ individuals on its website.
  36. Converse: Shoppers may design and buy their own “Pride” shoes or purchase existing shoes from Converse’s 2023 “Proud to Be” collection.
  37. Dr. Martens: The popular shoe brand, Dr. Martens partnered with three LGBTQ designers to produce three Pride-designed shoes. 
  38. Fossil: The watch brand came out with its “Love Unites” Pride collection and continues to donate to the Trevor Project. 
  39. Reebok: To kick-start Pride Month, Reebok International Limited is featuring “genderless” shoes in its “A United Collection.” 
  40. J.Crew: Like many other brands, J.Crew Factory is featuring a “Pride” line of clothing and donating to LGBTQ organizations. 
  41. Ulta Beauty: On its “Pride” page, this chain of beauty stores supports LGBTQ brands and says it donates to organizations such as PFLAG. 
  42. Kay Jewelers: Under the heading “Kiss With Pride,” the jewelry store chain features its “Pride” necklace against a backdrop showing two men kissing.
  43. McDonald’s: The popular fast-food chain shied away from making a public statement this year, but McDonald’s continues to feature a “Livin’ My Truth” webpage promoting its LGBTQ partnerships, including sponsorship of the LGBTQ-themed variety show “House of Pride” on Revry, the “queer” streaming network. 
  44. Starbucks: To celebrate Pride Month, the coffee chain hired Tim Singleton, a gay man, to design rainbow-themed cups and tumblers. 
  45. Domino’s: The pizza chain used Twitter to announce its sponsorship of the Motor City Pride Festival in Detroit and, on its website, highlights LGBTQ employees’ views on Pride Month.
  46. Wendy’s: On LinkedIn, the Wendy’s fast-food chain posted a video of the “Pride” flag being raised at its corporate offices. 
  47. Coke: The Coca-Cola Co. continues to feature a “Pride” collection on its website without making a public announcement of support on its platforms. 
  48. Bobos: This line of vegan granola bars is selling a “Pride” flavor: a dark chocolate, almond, and sea salt oat bar. 
  49. Kind Bars: This brand of granola bars offers a “Pride”-designed wrapper and flavor: milk chocolate peanut butter. 
  50. Skittles: The candy brand celebrates Pride Month with a “Pride” design in packaging. 
  51. Hershey: The chocolate maker known as Hershey’s notes that it throws a “Pride” parade in addition to building an LGBTQ “culture and community” within the Hershey Co.  
  52. PetSmart: Not even animals are exempt from Pride Month. Pet owners may find “Pride Bikinis” for their dogs in PetSmart’s “You Are Loved” collection. 
  53. Fox News: The media company Fox Corp. has a webpage called “America Together: Celebrating Diversity” that currently is devoted to videos focused on LGBTQ activists. The page carries the headline “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” in a rainbow design and adds: “Fox News Media celebrates the contributions to America by the LGBTQ+ community.” 
  54. CNN: Throughout June and afterward, the Cable News Network says it will continue to feature stories focused on LGBTQ history and activists.
  55. FedEx: The Federal Express Corp. says it continues to donate to LGBTQ organizations and companies during Pride Month. 
  56. UPS: Besides donating to LGBTQ organizations, the United Parcel Service says it is giving entrepreneurs “who self-identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community … 50% off the initial franchise fee of a new The UPS Store franchise.” 
  57. Walgreens: The drugstore chain continues to offer “Pride”-themed products on its website, in addition to highlighting the story of an LGBTQ employee. 
  58. CVS: Similar to its competitor, CVS Health Corp.’s website showcases an LGBTQ employee’s story and continues to offer “Pride”-themed products. 
  59. Harry’s: The maker of shaving and other personal care products offers a “Pride” shaving set and donates to the Trevor Project. 
  60. Listerine: Even mouthwash has gone woke as Listerine continues a “Care With Pride” campaign by showcasing a “Pride”-themed package design. 

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