This Mother’s Day, Let’s Stand Up for Real Women

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It’s a man’s world again. We’ve won. We’ve seized women’s sports, parenting titles, and Woman of the Year and Prom Queen awards. The gals were making headway there for a while, but now the men are back on top.

I can still remember them, although their memory fades by the day—actual women, that is. Once upon a time, women had domains all to themselves, free from male interference—their own sports, doctors, locker rooms, and dressing rooms.

Not to mention achievements such as “first female four-star officer of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.” Famously, that title was nabbed by Rachel Levine, born male, and never will be held by an actual woman.

It’s shameful. Those of us who remember women must stand up for them, now more than ever. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, honor motherhood, and thank God for the gift of mothers this Sunday, we find ourselves fending off men who seek to debase motherhood with two words: birthing person.

At this rate, celebrating Mother’s Day might even get you canceled, especially if you live in the liberal bastion of New York City. The City Council’s lefty leadership has become so woke that many members have started to replace “mother” in legislation and official correspondence with nongender terms such as “birthing people” and “birthing parents.”

Birthing persons don’t exist. Mothers do. Yes, mothers give birth, and in so doing they give life. They are sacred. The ability to give life elevates women over men.

Men can’t and never will be able to get pregnant, carry children in their bodies, and give birth. Men cannot feel a child moving inside them, and they can never nourish a baby with their own body. Birthing persons don’t exist in a sane world; women and mothers do. 

Mother’s Day is not a day to scream that men can give birth or men can be women. It is a day to celebrate that men can never give birth and men can never be mothers. It is not bigoted or shameful to recognize the biological reality of women—it’s a celebration of women.

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The degradation of women by the transgender movement is at an all-time high, and too many women are submitting to it out of fear of the cultish mob. As a result, the trans activist is out to destroy women. This has led to the death of the tomboy.

It is no longer acceptable to be an athletic woman; you were either supposed to be a boy, or you need to have your sport taken over by a boy who mistakenly thinks he’s a girl. The moment a child decides he is unhappy in his own skin (which was perfectly normal until now), the trans movement moves to capitalize on the confusion and rush to diagnose and co-opt this unhappiness.

A U.K. journalist highlighted the war on tomboys by sharing her experience as a young teen, during which she dressed in androgynous, masculine clothing until around age 23. Back then, no one ever suggested that her preferences made her a boy or a man. And fortunately, her parents didn’t resort to drastic measures such as removing her healthy breasts simply because she preferred playing with Legos over Barbies.

Indeed, society has taken a step backward. This backward shift also has led to women losing their OB-GYNs to men who believe they are women. The OB-GYN field once served as a unique, vital celebration of women’s health.

However, with many doctors adhering to the new ideology, men now occupy the waiting room for themselves rather than accompanying their wives. Perhaps nothing is more awkward than an OB-GYN having to examine the private parts of some guy who thinks he’s a girl.

Indeed, the trans movement has successfully commandeered the medical community, hijacking the education of future doctors at once prestigious institutions such as Harvard. According to a publicly available course description, students are now taught how to care for infant patients who identify as “LGBTQIA+”. The so-called experts claim that babies (who don’t even know if they’re tired, hungry, or need a diaper change) supposedly know if they’re trans. 

Astonishingly, some leading medical professionals even suggest that babies can know they are transgender “from the womb.” And when you say “womb,” don’t imply that only a woman can have one. In fact, if you find these concepts perplexing or confusing—or idiotic—be cautious in expressing your concerns, as you may be labeled as an anti-trans bigot.

The trans movement is following the recipe of the abortion industry: Degrade women, promote men, and convince women they’re winning.

Abortion is absolutely a man’s issue, in all the wrong ways. An all-male Supreme Court gave us Roe vs. Wade and a much more diverse group of justices overturned it. Most abortion doctors in America are men, and men own most abortion facilities. No one profits from the killing of unborn babies more than men. Most pro-abortion politicians are men.

In fact, according to recent polling, the gender divide between men and women who support abortion is smaller than ever. Women are only slightly more likely to support abortion than men, with PRRI finding that 65% of women want abortion to be legal, versus 62% of men. 

No one benefits from abortion except for bad men. Unscrupulous men who want to shirk their responsibilities to the women they’ve impregnated, men who use women as sex objects, they win big.

These men hardly ever show up to the abortion appointment with their conquest. They will never have to lie on that cold table and hear the vacuum as their baby is sucked out or watch the baby pass in the bathroom as part of a chemical abortion they got at CVS.

Bad men get all the benefits and none of the suffering in abortion. Bad men are also the big winners in the trans movement.

A guy who couldn’t excel at a sport but wanted to be champion anyway can just “become a girl” and snatch the trophies away from all the women who worked and trained their whole lives. An unpopular guy who can’t win “Man of the Year” or “Prom King” can “become a girl” and be “so brave.” A man who is desperate for attention and wants to earn truckloads of money as a social media influencer can just “become a girl” and watch the endorsements roll in.

This Mother’s Day, I will celebrate actual women, those we love and respect and to whom we owe our very existence. All others are fake, insulting charades who, under the guise of tolerance, are harming women.

So let’s stand up for real women and recognize their unique and irreplaceable role in our lives—before it’s too late.

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