Kohl’s Indoctrinates Babies Into LGBTQ Culture With ‘Happy Pride’ Onesies

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Like Target stores and the Bud Light beer brand before it, Kohl’s Corp. is on the defensive after the retailer began selling LGBTQ “Pride” clothing and accessories for infants.

Since the Twitter account End Wokeness tweeted images of Kohl’s new Pride-themed line of infant clothing Sunday, the department store chain has come under fire on the social media platform. 

Infant clothing featured on the Kohl’s website includes LGBTQ bodysuits or onesies from Sonoma and Baby Carter as well as baby bibs from Bioworld.   

One bodysuit is covered with iterations of a rainbow design; another has the phrase “Happy Pride” plastered on the front. 

The design of another onesie pictures LGBTQ individuals marching and skipping. One adult holds a Pride flag while a girl wearing skates holds what appears to be a pink, yellow, and blue pansexual flag. Even a dog holds a pink and light blue transgender flag in its mouth. 

Kohl’s customers also may find a Pride baby bib on the retailer’s website, complete with a rainbow design and the phrase “Proud of My Family” in capital letters on its front. 

Kohl’s also offers a plethora of Pride clothing for children and adults, as well as related accessories. 

The Daily Signal sought comment from Kohl’s, but didn’t receive a response from the retail chain’s media office by publication.

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Some Twitter users framed the new Kohl’s line of infant clothing as a reason to boycott the department store chain. 

In the past two weeks, consumers boycotted both Target and Bud Light for straying into LGBTQ advocacy, resulting in a loss of support and sales. 

Some consumers gave the cold shoulder to Bud Light, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch, after the beer brand worked with and was endorsed by LGBTQ activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Target received the same treatment from some consumers after placing LGBTQ-themed clothing and accessories at the front of its stores, including women’s swimsuits designed to be worn by males. 

Walmart and other businesses apparently noticed the trend and are taking a step back from supporting Pride- or LGBTQ-related products or events, such as drag shows and story hours.

However with June widely designated as LGBTQ Pride Month, many other retail stores are silently endorsing LGBTQ culture. 

For instance, two popular arts and craft stores, Joann’s and Michael’s, each has a Pride section on its website. Neither retailer, however, features anything close to Pride bodysuits for infants. 

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